Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has swept the UK prime ministership. A strong leader for the BREXIT he has promised it by halloween, a fitting day.

Gone is the namby feminista May and in with the strong conservative. Good news for Britain.

But will he throw out the immigrant hordes that have decimate Britain and London and raped their little girls with abandon, and will he FREE Tommy Robinson as one of his first acts?

Odds are he will be more of a Trump, talk a good game but accomplish little.

One of the first things he can do with Brexit is restore the UKs fishing rights to its own waters, for an island nation, it’s absurd that they have been cut off from their own fish!

Welfare reform would be another good start, with an emphasis on diminishing the payola to IMMIGRANT INVADERS. Norway has shown – cut off the welfare and they self deport. So he needs to set different rules for the gibsmedat for African invading rapists. And Pakistani little girl rape gangs. They should not get as much as UK citizens. Even if they gave them the same dollars each month, if they aren’t citizens they don’t get free housing that one step would send them fleeing back through the Calais tunnel. And we will be there filming their shocked faces as they emerge into France.

We have high hopes for you Boris. Don’t FK it UP!