Never forget how much blacks hate whites. But whites are the racists. No whites are disturbed about the increase in the population of violent psychopathological welfare drains gibsmedat useless blacks.

There is a google commercial “you can do anything you want if you set your mind to it” screeches a black female. The search says “astronaut training” then they show a eight year old fuzzy headed negro girl in a spacesuit. NO YOU CAN’T.  You are low IQ anti learning savages.

Not sure that helmet will fit!

Maybe only with Affirmative action fraud which should be OVER by now its been SEVENTY  YEARS haven’t they had ENOUGH of a leg up yet for christs sake? NO,  it will never be enough. They get free college and then free jobs no matter how ridiculous and stupid the created negro job is. So I guess. in our sick broken society, The negress spouts the truth, dumb low IQ savages can become Astronauts and do the job that 140 IQ white men trained as engineers and test pilots do. Just don’t have a Apollo 13 moment or you’ll have a conversation like this:

<command> Connect the bifurcated circuit to the carbon dioxide sensor

<negro> What language yah talkin don be wacked    Yah Know Whaaaa I’m Sayinnnnnnn

<command> No connect the wires or you’ll be dead in sixty seconds. The 180 ohm resister on the phase lock loop.

<negro> I’ll mutha fucka phase you for a loop mutha fucka. Damn it’s getting hot in here. Hard to breath <sound of microphone crackling>

<command> You’re low on oxygen, egress from the LEM into the Eagle

<negro> I ain’t no negress…..got muhdik right here pendejoooooooo…. (fades off)