A Team of Software Engineers Discuss Their Python Code While sitting amongst pythons

For decades now we have replaced our high IQ innovative American engineers with low IQ abysmal engineers from India (and some from China).  Three GAO studies found obvious rampant abuse especially fake degrees and resumes. But it matters not. Because all white management teams in silicon valley NEED the negro buffer in employees lest they get accused of “racism” in hiring.

Of course, the leftists communists and jews are just shitting themselves with power orgasms of glee watching this genocide of the hard working high IQ American worker unfold.

It began by taking just the low end QA jobs, but then progressed as dumb American MBAs declared “JUST REPLACE THEM ALL ! ”  and in short order whole teams became Indian, all the recruiting agencies became Indian, and the lying and cheating reinforced all indian candidates. Once a Indian got promoted to manager,their teams quickly went all indian and long term Americans who had been at the company for decades and did great work, were forced out.

Trump promised to reform it. Oddly, Jeff Sessions had led the charge on reform in the Senate for years. Yet together THEY BROKE THEIR PROMISES AND DID NOTHING.  Trumnp’s motto might be said – Speak loudly but carry a tiny wang.

Indians Jostle in Line Awaiting their   H-1B visa and a Life in America

So where are we today? We import 350,ooo of these low IQ Indian engineers each year on the H-1B genocide visa and half of them get green cards on this “non-immigrant visa” It’s called the non-immigrant visa because governments love to lie.

What’s in it for Indians, a life without shit strewn streets and massive overcrowding and horror.

Worse, for the four million technology jobs, we have imported FIVE million low IQ Indians.

Things are bad out there. Really bad. And after 30 years of this American engineers have been utterly de-moralized.

But what about IIT, the most competitive university to get into in India. Well that’s only because ONE BILLION INDIANS are all trying to be software engineers.  Where does it rank in the world ranking of American Universities? Not even in the top 200.

So we have thrown our best and brightest to the curb and laughed at our american engineers. HA HA YOU SUCK!

Well I have this warning. The next time you need an Alan Turning to win the war, you won’t have him. Instead you’ll have Gunga Din who will go “Oh yes dis is de way” as he sips curry all day and does nothing.

Local snake charmer holding Indian cobra in the street of Jaipur
“Can I Program Python? I LIVE with Pythons!”

South Asians and North Africans

The South Asians are the peoples of Bangladesh in the east through India, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, the Gulf states, the Near East, and Turkey. They are closely related to the Europeans and some of the classical anthropologists have combined them with Europeans as Caucasoids. However, their average IQ of 84 is much lower than that of Europeans, and they are best treated as a separate race. These peoples built some of the earliest civilizations in Sumeria when they were majority caucasian in what is now present-day Iraq, in Egypt, and in the Indus valley, but from around the year 500 B.C. when racial mixing produced a predominate negro society their achieve­ments have been unimpressive and dimmed. It is true that from around A.D. 750 through A.D. 1200 the South Asians established a large empire that stretched from the Indus valley through North Africa to Spain, with its capital city in Baghdad. During this time they produced a number of scholars, but none of them were first rank, and they were largely custodians of the intellectual advances made by the Greeks in the period between approximately 500 B.C. to A.D. 500. Nor did they produce any major scientific or technological discoveries or any great works of literature, except perhaps the Thousand and One Nights. Even today, the inventions or number of books being produced in countries like Iran and Iraq where they now have large amounts of negroid admixture to their genetics, is near zero. The great caucasian empires that once ruled will never come again now that they have race mixed with Africans. They got the African blood and sadly, the African aggressive genes and low dim African IQ.

The North Africans have the same IQ of 84 as the South Asians. This is to be expected as they are very closely related genetically. Like the South Asians, they built one of the most impressive early civilizations, in Egypt, when they were caucasians, but as they turned negroid they have achieved little during the last three thousand years.