Oh the negros. Their districts are full of rodents and trash.  Why is that? When el Trumpo called out Elijah Cummings on this, Cummings replied Trump was a racist. We all know blacks can’t live without rats and rodents! How could they?  They lack the skills whities have to live without rats and rodents. Seems whites don’t leave litter and feces everywhere. they clean up after themselves. But blacks, Hispanics, Mestizos, Middle eastern people with negroid genes – not so much.

Nancy Pelosi of California tweeted that Cummings is “a champion in the Congress and the country for civil rights and economic justice.” Pelosi, a Baltimore native, also stressed that “we all reject racist attacks against him and support his love of rodents.”

So the government is creating a new program, it will cost 2 Trillion dollars over ten years, to teach blacks to put trash in trash bins, and feces in the toilet. It’s called “The Poop Free Rodent Reduction Stimulus Bill” and it’s being sponsored by agents of the SQUAD.  “We need this hand up to match white folk” said the preacher who once worried that islands might tip over.

Part of the plan will be to establish “Poop Cafes” throughout black districts where blacks can get instruction on how to poop in a toilet.

The program will also pay for large billboards in black neighborhoods showing poop goes into the toilet and trash bags going into garbage bins. A trial program has already begun and the blacks did walk by and nod. Some could be heard replying “so thats where it’s suppo tah go”

A cleaner Baltimore is in sight with the newly educated blacks. And this will lead to a lessening of the rodents and filth. Since blacks were only lacking in education and this isn’t part of their low iq high psychopathological genetics, they will no doubt take to this new training like fish to water. We will report back the outcomes.