So the first step has to do with minority run female run schools.  Rather than get young male blacks out and into the labor market at 16, they keep them until 18 for high school graduation. Because everyone has to go to college. They hide the drop out rates and hide these black men from taking the standardized test. Hell in many cases they just fake the test results altogether. Because the reality is not good.  Blacks, but especially the males, have learned nothing all all. School is just a holding station.  This is the fault of the system not the blacks who do not alter the curriculum nor the path nor enforce discipline as required for blacks. The result is a mindless curr ready for violence and thugging. Yes a few will make it to college, but only because they didn’t go to the public high black population schools.

But the blacks can’t read. In cities like Baltimore many of the teachers can’t read. The Black Star Project published findings that just 10 percent of eighth-grade Black boys in the U.S. are considered “proficient” in reading. In urban areas like Baltimore, Chicago and Detroit, that number was even lower, as low as 4%.They can’t do algebra or anything advanced. It’s not their fault, they have smaller brains which are lower IQ but not just IQ. They fail to grasp basic morality or future planning. So to compensate the government just tries to give them everything. Baltimore blacks got 15 Billion dollars to raise them up in 2018 – and that’s just for ONE YEAR of AID!, plus federal grants and college grants for free college. But…. it never works.  A few will get make work jobs as black history professors. Others will get make work jobs in government. But the vast majority will drop out of high school and go on welfare.

Rats Outnumber Humans 100 to 1 in the city of Baltimore

The black girls, starting at age of 16 will get busy getting pregnant. Because the more chillin you have the more dollahs you get. And more importantly if you are 19 and have five children you go to the front of the line for totally free housing.  So the Black females are rolling in ghetto dough, little of it going to the children. Instead its fancy nails and hair weaves, fancy clothes and shoes, and lotsa screaming starving children.

Now the men can’t make do without free housing on just $700 a month welfare. And they can’t speak normal english and are incapable of passing normal job interviews. So their main option is to join a gang and sell drugs.  That’s the economy of the hood. and it sits there and festers for 40 years until the black population has skyrocketed or the poor blacks stay and the whites run off.  This happened to Baltimore from the 1970s when welfare kicked in until today.  Many other cities show this “poor blacks stay, whites flee the violence” pattern.


Next the blacks begin to rob whites and even murder whites. Sometimes it’s just because they got caught in the fray of two gangs fighting. But once the murders get so bad and especially if it isn’t walled off clearly like it is in Chi-town, then the whites go F-k this were out of here.

Murder rates are down from the 1990 crack epidemic peaks, except in Baltimore

Baltimore wasn’t always full of negros, shit, and rats.  In the 1930s Whites outnumbered blacks five to one.  Back then the city was beautiful and prosperous.


17,000 empty buildings now blight Baltimore. But it wasn’t always so.

Baltimore in the 1930s… an ordered idyllic city


Now so many whites leaving, also spurned out by the movement of all our factories to China and importing so many Indians with fake degrees and other immigrants, esp Hispanics who aren’t afraid of hard work for little pay,  The black man is left with no options. But fear not, if they can get together with a ghetto mom pressure from the government will force banks to make bad loans that the blacks can barely afford. And they will move into abandoned houses left by the whites, houses in great shape, and in five years the houses will need to be torn down. The blacks had no ability to take of something as complicated as a house and no mental ability to save for emergencies or being out of work, or medical emergencies. Of course on welfare and free health care, how they could possibly run out of money to pay a reduced mortgage points to one thing – DRUGS. Still the majority of houses sell to the trying to get out of poverty working class blacks. And somehow they just don’t make it.

The reason why they don’t make it has more to do with their different brains than anything else —  with missing parts of their Cerebrum and Cerebellum’s blacks have little ability to plan forward, save for emergencies, or not smoke crack and fall into addiction. These are all control issues. So what happens? Well they stop paying the mortgage and get forced out. Back into the dumpy section 8 housing they go.  So what happens next? You get streets with completely gutted ruined houses that blacks destroyed during their short time in them. Sometimes they burn the roofs down using them for a meth lab, other times its just incomprehensible levels of filth and squalor (think they threw their dishes on the floor for two years).

Now the abandoned houses further increase gang thug life and drug dealing, serving as hideouts for illegal stuff.  But another issue with blacks is they are so cheap they don’t want to pay their garbage bills. So where to put the trash? No worries pitch it at the abandoned house up the street.  In a few years, all the abandoned houses are full of tasty trash, and that’s where the rats move in.

they start out with simple diseases like Cholera, but eventually they will progress to the black plague and whole cities will die or need evacuation for the flame throwers to burn it all down.

It’s not that Baltimore hasn’t built thousands of section 8 and low income housing units. HUD has just given them another huge grant for another 1,000 units, but the blacks are getting uppity because many of these units are needed by senior citizens who are still majority white.

“The county made the agreement with HUD in 2016 to settle complaints that the county’s spending on affordable housing catered to low-income senior citizens, who are mainly white, instead of younger families, which are more often not white.”  So nearly all of these new 1000 units will go to blacks. But it won’t matter.

“Baltimore is like a sewer right now” said one long term baltimore black female resident.

OK let’s talk solutions. The first step is to recognize that Homo Gorillis Africanus is NOT Homo Sapiens Sapiens. They are severely limited mentally which results in both low IQ, psychopathologies like being prone to anger and crime and murder, and inability to plan forward. When their lives come crashing down and they are forced onto handouts – “That’s Racism” In fact for their entire world view, it’s all Whitey racism against them.

It’s also racism when black men murder people and the huge numbers of black males in prison is clearly racism, because they are comparing blacks to whites and not accounting for the massive differences in aggression.  Of course asians are even less aggressive than whites and in their homogenous non-multicultural nations like Japan they have almost zero murders.  So it’s not Anti-black to speak the truth nor is it Racism, it is simply recognizing the racial differences.  One would beg to wager that getting blacks back into laborious jobs (the rebuilding of baltimore and digging out the slums comes to mind ) would divert their energies from crime into productivity.  When the USA had factories to absorb black labor crime was ameliorated.

Being one of the FEW people willing to tell the truth about blacks and their derivative mixed races (mestizos, middle eastern, Indians, Pakistanis) actually is the most helpful thing one can do for blacks.  So the very first thing we have to do is have REAL education with real computer based testing and scoring. If they don’t pass the grade, they repeat it. No more pushing them through. If they are more than four grades down, they get expelled. But there needs to be kindness because once blacks hit their huge testosterone surge at 16 learning goes out the window.

So it makes no sense for any but a few of them to think of being college bound and going to high school graduation. Instead, for those identified, they should be put on a vocational track. They do this even in Germany and they don’t really have blacks (err well they did this for decades before the rapefugees from Africa landed).

No more gold stars for scribbles that aren’t even letters. No more pushing black culture. Show them that academically they are failures and maybe they will get a tiny bit of humility in their overblown egos. Maybe.  But more importantly, find places for them to fit in our society. Many can be entrepreneurs if they have help with the financial math.

The next solution is to firebomb the broken down areas. Take one area a year. Pay people for their houses and give them six months before being tossed out. Then put up walls and fire bomb and bulldoze and wrecking ball ALL OF IT.  Slowly clear them up, remove the old pipes and sewers and make them into parks. There is no need for so much housing, all the white people have left.  Having these broken streets returned to green areas (which can get mowed by young black men out of high school at 16 who have tons of energy – hey thats a huge job program. And other jobs for young black men can be construction – digging up the old pipes and sewers hauling off the old brick. Spend the 15 billion on THAT.

Now the goal has to be to get people off of welfare. And to do that, the city needs to start decreasing what it will pay for section 8 housing. So welfare moma gets her 1800 a month for her five brats, its high because she’s had 3 of her children declared learning disabled. In fact most smart blacks just get on disability for being learning disabled because they qualify for it with their low black IQs. Anyways whether it’s welfare or disability, let’s say they are getting 1,400 a month credit for housing on top of that. Well the city can simply have a program that decreases it by 5% a year.  In a decade, welfare and disability won’t be such a juicy proposition for lazy people.

And now let’s talk trash dumping. Areas that are still abandoned houses need more security guards and cameras until they can be cleared. There is some attitude in negros where they just always feel like this isn’t their country so they can take a shit on it, and that includes dumping trash. It’s exactly what blacks have done to Liberia – the free country in Africa they were given to resettle to. Once they made a shit hole out of it and word got back to the Americas, no more blacks would go over.  Now they even shit on the beaches. Trash everywhere.  Really you learn quickly it’s only Europanic Americans holding society together. Once their population gets driven out and blacks take control of a city, it’s inevitable that shit and trash is everywhere.  Sadly there aren’t great solutions to this behavior. But more policing, and not monetary fines, but if caught you get sentenced to 200 hours of clean up details cleaning up trash, wouldn’t that be poetic justice? Make that 500 hours.

Can Democrats push through such strict reforms? “Think of the children!” Democrats are the female emotional party. No it has to be Republicans.  Or an even more right America First party which has yet to exist.

and if not? If we don’t do these reforms? Well Blacks = rats and finally …. cholera and bubonic plague. It’s their choice to make. We simply MUST tell blacks the truth about their mental limitations so they can learn coping skills, rather than simply fund their entire lives with free money.