Pugh’s Happy fruit come in all colors book was found in the dumpster after she got $800,000 in “pre orders” from …. oh sorry she can’t tell you from who because all her recorders were destroyed.  The FBI raided her offices and three houses and she resigned. The AX is going to fall, but what abotu Cummings, was he also involved in the theft of this 15.7 Billion (IN ONE YEAR!  What’s the total for the past ten years?)

The other frightful figure is, if white taxpayers are sporting 15.7 BILLION a year for negro cities, jesus what is the total burden for white tax payers?


Just hours after the council sent its statement, Pugh’s office sent one of her own, saying “she fully intends to resume the duties of her office” and do work “on behalf of the people of the City of Baltimore.”

Pugh has been away from office since April 1, when her office announced she was recovering from pneumonia. Her office said in a statement at the time: “Mayor Pugh will be taking an indefinite leave of absence to recuperate from this serious illness.”

The April 1 statement made no mention of the children’s book scandal where the medical system purchased $500,000 worth of the books.


But that’s chump change. Where is the 100 BILLION? Where did it go? Let’s divide that by the population of Baltimore.  That’s 161,000.00 for EVERY PERSON IN BALTOMO!


Cummings, who screamed in horror about babies sitting in their own feces, apparently doesn’t know that you just change their diaper.  What a nut job.  But does HE know where the 100 Billion went?