A Muslim On a Beheading Spree in London Exclaims “We Kill the Whites”

A six-year-old boy who was “thrown” from the 10th floor of the Tate Modern art gallery was a French national visiting London with his family.

The child was found on a fifth-floor roof after he fell from the viewing platform on Sunday and is in a critical but stable condition, the Met said.

A witness said they heard a “loud bang”, before seeing a woman scream: “Where’s my son, where’s my son?”

A 17-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of attempted murder remains in custody.  The 17 year old is actually 35 years old.  And instead of being a boy he is a negro. And instead of being a teen who will get treated lightly by the justice system because he is under 18, his balding head and white hair screams he is older. One look by a medical doctor at his teeth will confirm actually he is in his 50s. But it doesn’t matter. By claiming he is only 17 that means that there will be ZERO pictures in the press of the frightening negro. It’s all another tactic by the white hating invaders.

The British are fully cucked, rape gangs shove their cocks up tiny six year old white british girls vaginas and Tommy Robinson is in jail.  He will get off with a warning.

‘Primal scream’

The Met Police said it was treating the “truly shocking incident” as an “isolated event with no distinct or apparent motive”.

Writer Mark Welte was on the observation deck with a friend when he heard a commotion and what he described as a loud “primal scream”.

“Someone said a negro had thrown a child over. I leapt up and looked over the rail and I did indeed see a child down below there,” he said.

“The child’s mother then tried to climb the rail. I restrained her and pulled her back.”