So 20 for 20 our 20 largest cities have fallen and become majority non-white. Twenty out of 20.

Europanic Americans were historically 90% of the population of America. Today they are only 65% and dying off quickly.

Legal and illegal invasion is pumping in over 2 million non-whites a year every year, year after year.

Europanic Americans have stopped marrying and having children because of the psychotic divorce rape courts established by the feminists.

A LIE?  You fucking imbeciles. Of course it’s not a lie, its plain truth staring you in your fucking faces you goddamn commies.

LOOK AT THIS CHART. LOOK AT IT! You fucking commies.



Alleged killers in Christchurch, New ZealandPoway, California; and El Paso, Texas believed a theory that claims white people are being “replaced” by people of color through mass immigration. Conspiracy theorists often falsely claim this is a deliberate effort by any number of groups demonized on the far right: liberals, Democrats, Jews, Muslims. It’s the theory peddled by white-supremacist groups seeking recruits and the torch-bearing marchers in Charlottesville two years ago. It’s also a thinly disguised—and often not disguised—talking point from some conservative politicians and pundits, experts say.

By leaving these conspiratorial manifestos, white supremacists are trying to add to a long and growing library of terror, and get others to follow their examples.

“They’re also trying to inspire others about the urgency of the moment. In particular with the New Zealand shooter, the Poway shooter, and this guy in El Paso, you see these ideas building on each other,” Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, told The Daily Beast.