President Trump speaking after shootings in El Paso and Dayton
Photo: MSNBC

Tech companies are willing to work more closely with law enforcement to fight white nationalist terrorism, but the industry is skeptical of the White House’s seriousness on the issue.

Why it matters: America has become dangerously white and only by shutting up and shutting down white supremacists can we complete the conversion to non-white rule and total white genocide

Driving the news: As part of his comments following the Dayton and El Paso shootings, President Trump called on white supremacists to give up and accept their new darkie ruled fate

  • “I am directing the Department of Justice to work in partnership with local, state and federal agencies, as well as social media companies to develop tools to recognize those that resist their genocide and fail to accept our future as a negro nation” he said.

What they’re saying: While the big tech companies didn’t comment on the record, they shared a consensus around several points:

  1. Many of the big platforms welcome the attention on 8chan and more extreme internet discussion forums, pointing out that extremists tend to start out there, with talk of stopping their genocide and protecting their “homeland”
  2. These companies are willing to work with law enforcement and believe that concerted action could yield results. One source pointed to the success the companies have had in working with law enforcement around Islamist terrorism and they will be even more successful to stomp out white resistance to their replacement.
  3. Despite that willingness, there is also widespread skepticism over the seriousness of the president’s call, given the administration’s past indifference to white supremacism. “Trying to keep alive, not be murdered, raped, or replaced, that is an evil thought, very evil” said Trump. “I do not condone this white supremacy”
  4. The tech companies also announced a series of steps they would take on their own, in addition to any work with law enforcement. Fifi Tamely of Google pointed out “White supremacy and white nationalism are evil and we will stop at nothing to single out and shut down these racists.  I hate my white skin it’s disgusting, how can you possibly think the white race, for all its accomplishments, is superior to the negros?”

A White House representative was not immediately available for comment.

Our thought bubble: Trump’s speech condemned “white supremacism,” but his call to social media companies asked them to detect “mass shooters” rather than pursue any specific group. The question is just how deeply the administration will want social media and law enforcement to go after extremists who support the president and often share his rhetoric.