We are now a nation where the schools are run by anti male leftists who constantly berate male children and treat them like shit.

We are a nation where the marriage laws make marriage far too dangerous for a sane male to consider. And Happy go Lucky no fault divorce rape laws destroy the existing families removing adult men from the boys critical growth years.

We are a nation with no free gathering spaces, just endless strip malls and parking lots. A mindless zombie land where we amble past each other but know no one.

We are a nation that has built incredible levels of isolation and loneliness, especially among our Europanic Americans who see our nation dying, flooded with violent, stupid, welfare addicted criminal non-Europanics.

And we have all the mass media outlets – CNN, MSNBC, Wall Street Journal, etc – constantly spewing hate and lies nonstop for three years.

We have demoralized and impoverished our smartest scientists and engineers by replacing them with low IQ Indians and Chinese with fake degrees on the H-1B visa – FIVE MILLION invaders for the existing four million tech jobs.

The mass murder shooting sprees won’t change until these six problems are addressed but they never will be as we descend into socialism, horrific levels on un-repayable debt, and a president and congress who care not a whit about any of this.

And what about the invasion of our country and the genocide of our people. The el paso shooter explained thusly – “This attack is a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas. They are the instigators, not me. I am simply defending my country from cultural and ethnic replacement brought on by an invasion. ”

Is he wrong? He was certainly ineffective in his solution, 20 dead will not do much in the face of 20 million invaders with millions more coming every year.  In fact it probably pushed sentiment to the other side “Oh the poor suffering invaders we must help them and feed them and house them and give them our dripping wet pussies” and on it goes.  No mass shootings of a few doesn’t stop a tidal wave of millions.  Only real mass arrests and instant deportations – fk the laws – will turn it around. Only when you have struck FEAR into the heart of the invaders will there be any positive result.  And of course, stopping the anchor baby recognition which is a lie – Trump must be waiting for Gins to croak endlessly she carries on breathing. Because Stevens has turned leftist cuck on us. So he needs one more before making the challenge. Which is why Trump for all his faults must continue onto a second term (unless the dems put up Tulsi which wont happen).

But the obvious solution to people seeking jobs and welfare gibsmedat is to make it impossible for them to get either.  Until we do that, fuhgettaboutit.

If we want to stop mass shooters, then we need to have guns. Not concealed carry wimpy pistols, but big 9″ 44s one on each side of the hip.  Revolvers preferably. A Python would be nice but those have gotten pricey in the day.

Open carry for law abiding citizens who are land owners should be the law across every state.  When 10% of the population has a six shooter on their belt, these mass shooters aren’t going to get very far. They certainly won’t make it to 20 dead.

Our nation twists boys and chews them up.  Most won’t become mass murderers.  But there’s a reason Connor Betts did what he did.  It’s the hopelessness and alone-ness of a society falling into hell. No there is no excuse, but if we don’t start changing things, This just keeps happening.