Jen and Fred were like most couples, except they had a combined weight of over 900 pounds! And with wedding bells about to ring in just over a year, they both commited to a strict exercise and weight loss plan to be at their beautiful best for their wedding!

“It was a ton of work” said Jen. “Yah more like we weighed a ton” chimed in Fred laughing. “But look at us now” he smiled.


At the six month mark, the hard workouts and low calorie lifestyle had made a drastic change on their physiques. “I’m nervous” said Jen, “There’s so much to plan for our new slimmer wedding”  “I can’t stop thinking of our honeymoon with my new slim wife!” beamed Fred boastfully.

And then it was the big reveal. Neither of their family members had seen the couple in months. So everyone was ready to clap and cheer as the new svelte couple took to the stage.

First Fred entered center stage from behind a curtain. He looked smashing in his new size 40 tuxedo.  And then Jen entered. And people’s mouths hung open in shock. This was the new Jen. Slowly the crowd began to clap.

“Do you Fred take this Jen to be your lawfully wedded wife, forever and forever?” asked the minister?

Fred seemed to stammer, then in a flash was gone, running behind the stage and then a minute later a car screech could be heard.


Jen was broken hearted. “How could he do that to me!” screamed the inconsolable bride. “There will be another man, don’t you worry” said her Mom – “You’re beautiful and it won’t be long before we do this again with someone worthy of you”

Jen’s mom was right. And just a year later she finally got the ring. “There’s no more talk of losing the weight, I’ve got a man who loves me just how I am”