They are dumb and getting dumber.

One team of three snipers. That’s it.  Two or three Lapua sharp shot rifles and one of those big as 60mm shells that can put a nice hole in a ship.

Here’s how it unfolds. A tanker is filling up.  The protection team, just 3 guys, climbs on board just as the tanker departs. Or meets them at sea and goes on board.

IRAN goes CHULLULULULULU and a helicopter drops a rope down onto the ship deck. Two Military Commandos start to go down the rope to take the oil tanker. The two lapua snipers shoot them dead instantly. Then the third fires the big shell and the helicopter explodes. Poof problem solved.

No 500 meter USS destroyer required.

But no, BECAUSE they are warmonkers and incomprehensibly stupid. And they want to show off and provoke Iran. Pieces of shit.

Apparently the UK has spent it’s entire war budget to incarcerate Tommy Robinson and cant afford 3 guys. How humiliating that they have to ask the USA for help. Fuck them, release tommy robinson and we’ll talk.