“No safe ports in Libya” says the UN

Salvini has clashed repeatedly with humanitarian groups that pick up migrants off the coast of Libya with the aim of bringing them to Italy, preventing them from docking until other EU countries agree to take in most of them.

In June, the German vessel Sea-Watch, captained by Carola Rackete, was seized when it entered the port of Lampedusa without permission. Rackete was later freed from house arrest, prompting Salvini to denounce the judge who issued the ruling.

In its statement on Tuesday, UNHCR said rescue boats must not be redirected back to Libya, a key launching point for migrant vessels headed to Europe, given “the extremely volatile security situation” in the country.

“Widespread reports of human rights violations and routine use of arbitrary detention for people disembarked back to Libya underline the fact that it is not a viable place of safety,” UNHCR said.

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“HOW! HOW can we bring these Africans into Europe if Italy refuses to accept the boats. The trip to Spain is too far” screamed UN rights commissioner Balachet.

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“These are the new Europeans, and we will fight Italy’s attempts to block them arriving” said Balachet pounding his fist on the table.

The trip for “rescued” migrants back to Libya is only 10 miles while its 160 miles to Italy. IT’s only 12 to 14 miles to ports in Tunisia.

“All black nations are too dangerous, we must take them to Europe!” screamed a red faced Balachet.

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