“This is a human rights violation, this is war!” screamed Jesus, an angry Salvadorean migrant who had traveled several months to reach the US border. But like many others, under Trump’s return to Mexico Policy, 20,000 so far, he finds himself on the wrong side of the border.

Many were shocked at their misfortune. “It’s a human rights violation what they’re doing,” said one Salvadoran father who’d come with his 9-year-old daughter. “It’s a farce; it’s a joke that the gringos are playing on us,” said a Honduran mom. Some had been there five days without leaving the area, for fear of a city where targeted violence and kidnapping of migrants abound. Doctors Without Borders, which works in the city, recently said that “asylum seekers in Nuevo Laredo are constantly exposed to robbery, assault, extortion, kidnapping, and homicide” ironically just like Americans face from illegal invaders.  But many, despite the setback, were determined to pursue their asylum claims.

“We are going to try again and again, we will never go back” said Jesus.