tax rates

It gets tiring seeing all these reports of how the US has a moderate Tax rate and France is so much higher. That’s just federal, doesn’t include the 15% social security or the disability tax or the state taxes. When you add those in, the USA is monstrous.

The 17% vat taxes in Europe are monstrous, but a lot of US states have sales tax rates over 8%.

Dont forget the outrageous property taxes americans have to pay, up to ten thousand dollars a year on a modest house.  The dumb government employees need their huge pensions right? In mexico property taxes are 100 a year. Similar in Germany. Property taxes to pay for fatcat government’s plush retirement plans are insidious – it means we never have financial security.

Looking at the big picture, America is already the highest taxed G7 nation yet we get nothing for it. No free health system, no free education through college and university. Nothing really. We get to defend the entire world and fight stupid wars over dead rocks.

Forget Trump, I’m voting Tulsi. I’m sick of the wasteful war spending. Did ya’ll see the new “Al-Quaeda surges in Iraq” news lately? Let them surge. Let them have the whole damn place, if you believe that old men in caves in Afghanistan planned 911 you deserve whatever you get.