They are proud. They are boys. errr Men.   And they are in Portland to unload one giant can of whop-ass on antifa soy boys. Yes the pale green pallor of basement dwellers wielding mace and baseball bats (antifa) meets American beefcake muscle. There’s one side carrying the flag, and the other side in che guevara shirts and covered faces.

One stares down their opponent proudly, the other sucker punches you with a bike lock from behind, fed on a diet of rachel maddow and joe scarborough and don lemon, they know their hate is on the right side.

Is it right? Is the violence right? At a certain point you have to fight back lest you get squashed like a bug. And that’s why we should all vote to be proud.

Antifa fights with hidden sucker punches then cameras going “we dare you to hit us we dare you” well because their faces are covered and they know the other side’s faces are not. This is a weak noodle wuss tactic.  Covered faces in mass protests should be extremely illegal and it is in most cities, but not in Portland.

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Antifa arrives with bags of urine, mace, clubs, and covered faces. Commie markers abound. Their message? “End White Supremacy” which is code for “stop protesting your racial extinction”  White supremacy is code for anyone who doesn’t want an open borders flood of millions and millions dramatically changing our racial makeup.

But why would any sane person want America to stop being majority white? Whites pay the taxes which pays for the police and prisons, keeps the bad people off the streets, hell the taxes pay to pave the streets, the lights on the streets at night.  Everything.  So what happens if you just removed all that revenue? It’s called Zimbabwe chums, and it ain’t pretty.

Flooding America with dim low IQ highly violent savages or welfare dependent mass breeders means we can never get out of our debt spiral which is already caused by the massive influx of non-whites.  It means America will cease to exist as a nation we would recognize.  The status quo means death of the nation. I don’t think the proud boys know that or support that. But if that’s white supremacy, then call me that! Proudly.  I am not for the extinction of the last free nation on earth.

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