America is collapsing because the percentage of GIBSMEDAT dysgenic low IQ people has increased. They cost more.  Much like Baron Trump needing to eat more food now that he’s grown from 5′ tall to 6’3 in just two years.

There are some solutions to America’s problem and it’s not build the wall, that’s a nicety.

First and foremost, end birthright citizenship. Because once babies are considered citizens they are open to all welfare spigots for the illegal invader parents.  It doesn’t require a law change or act of congress to end it because it never was enacted into law it was just done out of stupidity and lazyness. It only requires an executive order.  The main impact of this is to cut off welfare and other programs from the invaders. And thats how they game the system  – 40 year old hubby goes out to work but isn’t registered as hubby and single mother of six gets free housing and checks for $2,000 a month.  The hubby works tax free (often) and can bring in another 30,000 and soon they are out earning American families who earn over $100,000 legally and pay taxes. No wonder they are pouring over the border! What a scam! Nurses see it all the time in the emergency room – to the 16 year old girl giving birth  – “whose that 40 year old man” – Oh he’s my cousin.

Second, we need to start bussing or barging (I prefer the barges, makes em sea sick) illegals back home in large numbers. Once people realize so many don’t make it, they will be reluctant to pay the cayotes six thousand dollars – that’s a lot for poor guatemalans and salvadoreans.

Third, end the replacement of our engineers and other educated jobs with foreign workers. To do this we need to change the number of H-1B visas allowed for issue and renewal from 350,000 to 10,000. Yes, there is a need for some mobility of workers, but NOT FIVE MILLION OF THEM. Unfortunately so many are now here on green cards – over one million, that they have permanently taken over 25% of all technology jobs.

Until fixed, our DEBT keeps going up because we have a system that costs more than we can afford. Trump has done nothing. Yes we need cutbacks in defense and warfare, and we need to make welfare and section 8 housing NOT based on having children or number of kids, it should be one flat sum. so that men get the same amount (that will never happen in the gynocracy).  We have to do that and actually offer rewards for NOT having children and remaining child free for those on welfare. Another bonus if you are married. Change the qualification number so that married couples can get welfare. We need to keep the men home and the babies in the condoms.

If not, Like Baron Trump growing taller and taller, no one knows where this will end.