Wikipedia calls the great replacement a conspiracy theory, but this week the Census declared that less than 50% of those aged 15 and under are “white” aka europanic american.

So if we just “stay the course” and continue legal immigration, America will become 100% negroid in 100 years.

The high taxes which are endless (you cannot own property in America, the first principle of COMMUNISM) break people down into constantly being on the money treadmill.  Women go into the workforce and think little of having families, but even if they did, the divorce rape courts make men think twice about marriage. A symptom of the communist gynocracy takeover.

These philosophies come directly from Jewish intellectuals, both of them – Communism and feminism; we are suffering the hangover from rescuing jews during WWII and from Russia in the 90s. As Hitler noticed, that small 2% population has dramatic influence on ownership of key organizations and politics. Hitler’s plan to drive them out was condenmed by modernity as the central bank slavers forced the entire world to converge on him and destroy him. Sadly, America voted on the side of the central bankers and Communism in WWII and again, the destruction of our nation is the cost of that.

Do not discount the genital mutilation – millions of men in America have mutilated genitals destroying or hindering their ability to orgasm, leading them away from pair bonding. Another jewish “gift”

Will there be a CAPITALIST revolution and turn things around? No. We are in a doomed state facing a doom future. Debts will go up, demands for socialism and handouts will go up, crime will go up, and in the end we will resemble the nations of the people who comprise our nation, not the 1950s white nation that was so successful.

We are a nation of immigrants, only because that is crammed down our throats not because that’s healthy. But the new birth figures tell us its already game over for America. At this point the goose is cooked. Where do the smart successful people who are the middle class go to to survive and prosper? America was the last free nation. But at least there are low tax no property tax countries where perhaps the bestof us could go and rebuild.  Start a new world without feminism and communism, without the need to have warfare around the world, a nation that just wants to invent, trade, and be left alone.