There are very few times in this greedy self centered world that something magic happens. But it has.

Youtube vloggers Art and Bri – who live a very simple homestead life raising pigs and cows and chickens and ducks – found their kids getting sick and being unable to breathe. They investigated and found their old farmhouse was riddled with mold. And they had no where near the funds to fix it. Neither could they stay in the house with the children getting dangerously sick.

A fellow friend posted a gofund me for them. And the next morning they had received over 25,000 dollars in small donations from thousands of people. By later that evening it had passed $33,000.

They will need it. Much of their house will have to be rebuilt, sanitized, new furniture bought.  So I wanted to ask you, with so much evil and horror in the news, wouldn’t it feel good to be part of something so amazing?

This is It’s a wonderful life but in real life. It’s not supposed to happen but it did.


Join me in pitching in and giving a few bucks and you too can be part of this miracle that isn’t supposed to happen in our angry world. How often do you have that chance?

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