A massive biodome has been constructed just south of Ulster and twenty volunteers have agreed to spend the next year in an environment without climate change.

Over twenty years ago, a group of scientists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, and free-thinkers put their minds and resources together to create a singular and lasting testament to an unfashionable notion: science and exploration, having become hyper-specialized and incremental, needed a return to big ideas and leaps of faith. They wanted to explore what few were discussing at the time. Things like climate change. Space colonization. And they were going to explore these ideas in a three-acre geodesic living laboratory called Biosphere 2 that mimicked the biomes of the earth. Now a third Biodome has been built to examine how humans to react to a solution to climate change.

We interviewed Dr. Hailburg of Hocksteader Institute for the Advancement of Climate Change Solutions.

“You see, the Biodome will be our solution to maintaining a stable climate. Our research subjects will be tested to see how the human body deals with a perfect zero climate change environment”

We took the tour van down to the edge of the dome where there was a viewing station and headsets where you could hear from the test subjects inside the dome.

“Ze dome is now perfectly calibrated at 98.6 degrees, the same temperature as the human body. They have to grow all their own food and conserve all their own water.”

“Please let us out! PLEASE it’s too hot. The water has all evaporated and the plants are dead we are starving. Please let us out” said one test subject banging.

“Now Petrol you know you have a one year contract. there are nine months to go!” replied the professor.

Then a woman from inside spoke – “Water, please water. I have to drink my own pee. We are dying”

“Now now andreas you knew the risks before going into the biodome. the experiment continues until we reach the year mark or until there is only one left alive”

“One left alive?” asked Andreas. She begins to smile and hoists a large knife then runs out.

“We hope to replicate these results and apply them to the entire world” said the professor.

There is a loud thud at the door – “OK I’m the last one, you can let me out now”

It was Andreas, her white coveralls now red with blood.

“See, climate change, once removed from the human condition, produces amazing results” laughed the professor opening the door and giving Andreas her first glass of water in weeks.

“How does it feel to be back in the world that is doomed to change its climate?” I asked her.

“Back away from my sandwich!” growled Andreas flashing her long knife.