In carnival row you have faeries – aka FAY – who have wings and are hot chics who mostly work as prostitutes. And you have PUCKS – which are blacks with horns. Well all hell breaks out when a PUK buys the house in the nice upper crust white neighborhood.

This culminates with a tea celebration where the white neighbors are horrified that there is a PUK there. One treats him like a manservant. The sister falls for the PUK and the last episode has their black on white love sailing off for a new non-racist land. It’s the whole Mandingo going to steal off ya white women, what you dont like that are you raciss? But they put horns on the black guy so… maybe they hope that whites will be able to figure out their racism if it’s a mythical creature not a common negro.

Meanwhile, a PUK stabs the prime minister to death and all PUKs are banned from the city – the BURG.


The fays are forced to work as servant girls and wear corsets so they cannot fly. There is a huge frown on the upper crust society class system and it’s pounded into your head… except.. in this steampunk world of England in the 1870s, it’s hardly reality in 2019. So its fictional white guilt of stuff that happened not by us but by people who lived decades ago.


Watch it just to admire the beauty of Cara Delevigne’s face and awesome body. Although a bit starved she still has nice boobs. And also the Cthulu octopus head monster in the series isn’t shown enough to make it worth it. He’s just a shadow until the final episode. I recommend skipping to that one if you want a guillermo gore fest.