“Oh Why Why my Chappati Why!” Screamed mission control director Vindhu Multiparthanasubramanan. as he placed his head in his hands.

At 4:20pm Eastern time, the signal from the Vikram lander was lost after its trajectory began to deviate from its planned path, and silence settled over the crowd gathered at the mission’s control center in Bengaluru.

PM Narenda Modi screamed “Why Kalili why did you attack our moon lander”

India has the best computer programmers in the world so it is surprising they cannot manage a unmanned moon landing. Several times more brilliant than American engineers who landed full people on the moon several times, India appears to be struggling. First it was the two billion stolen toilets, and now disaster on the moon.  “They all have fake degrees, it is a big problem in India. They just get their jobs from a brother or cousin, but they are not qualified” said Chindra, a mission controller.

India’s interplanetary space program is young but shows no lack of ambition. In 2008 the country launched a spacecraft, Chandrayayaanpithaparthi-1, into lunar orbit for the first time. Next came its Mars Orbiter Mission, which arrived in orbit around the Red Planet in 2014. Today, sadly, India apparently fell short of what could have been its greatest milestone yet—an uncrewed landing on the surface of the moon as part of its Chandrayaan-2 mission.

If it had been successful, it would have become only the fourth nation in history to perform a soft lunar landing, after the U.S., the former Soviet Union and China.

“We will eat spicy curry for several months, then start again” sighed Vindhu.