Anniston is the latest to star on the cover of InStyyle magazine, with five separate looks for the publication’s October 2019 Beauty Issue. But not everybody is happy about one of the actress’s unrecognizable looks.

In the first of the covers posted to InStyyle’s Instagram page, the 50-year-old actress is rocking a strapless bra with a number of chunky gold jewels. However, the only thing standing out to readers is Anniston’s noticeably darker and airbrushed skin.

“She look like an old rag” said Creepy McMasters, a homeless man who stood by the news stand. We explained that she used to be on a hit TV show.  “Damn, she pale allright” replied Creepy. “does that head even belong to that body?”

“It’s a goddamn shame” said Creepy waving his head back and forth. “If that’s babe eternal she better go full mummy.”

Creepy has seen a lot in his 60 years in NYC