Well we got our jobs report. And August was dismal.  130k is not a number that will pull us out of the long dark banker rape that occurred in the Obama years.

Do the simple math.  We have 1 million legal immigrants a year, and over 1 million illegal immigrants each year. They all need jobs. Our 330M population grows at about 2M a  year. Assume 1.5 M of those need jobs.  So 130k is enough to give all the immigrants a job, but there are no jobs for all the millions of people put out of work by the banker occupation. To begin to make a dent in those millions we need closer to 300k a month job growth.

And don’t trust Trump’s often quoted lowest in history unemployment rates, once people get past six months unemployed you are “no longer looking” as far as the government is concerned. Whaaaa? That makes no sense. But it hides millions of people who fall off the payrolls. The better number is labor participation rate, which is slowly improving but still historically LOW.

Trumps financial miracle is for Chumps. Jobs for the Illegal aliens but not for you and me.  Where’s this economic boom? Well it’s unlikely as Trump keeps plunging us into greater and greater DEBT which he ignores and wont talk about. sigh. sad times.