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Bolton was a horror what Trump advisor put him in there? Cause they need to go ALSO. Get rid of the generals. Bring in smart people. Get rid of the Goldman Sucks. Bring in smart people. Trump seems enamored with the military. We need desperately to cut 1.2 T from our budget. 730B military budgets, and 20 spy agencies is NOT the way to do that.  We also need to cut welfare and make it NOT based on children. There should be a 1000 bonus if you get sterilized. We are taxing to EXHAUSTION our best and brightest, replacing them with dumb indians with fake degrees BY THE MILLIONS, and taking all that money and breeding our dumbest. How long will this last? Oh and if you keep up the divorce rape of the males, the males will walk away from marriage. These are the issues that matter, not afghanistan.

The truth is America needs a reset.  We need to pull most of our troops home and give up on our goal of a stabile universe. Bringing stability to stone age Afghanistan just isnt going to happen. Let them go nutso there who really cares.  The 911 story used to justify it is a utter lie and scam – it was a group of Jewish real estate moguls, Isreali Mossad who set the bombs, and dick cheney who changed the flight engagement rules and set up the war games for that day with radar injections. The military fired the cruise missle which hit the pentagon. The israelis were let go. Then we went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan>? WTF!  The Saudi hijackers were never on any flight lists and many were found alive and well in their home country – a total scam as well. Its all a scam and shit people like Bolton are scammers who love war.

How about fixing our 1.2 billion dollar budget gap? Canceling the H-1B visa so we stop throwing our best and brightest in the streets? No, can’t do that.

America is a sick and dying country and if Trump doesn’t start getting his act together soon it will die. We are being clobbered dysgenically as low IQ savages pour in by the millions while breeding millions more on welfare. This is NOT a recipe for success.

Good by Bolton you scumfuck, don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.