911 was a total fraud, at least the way it was told to the American people. There was fraud at all levels and parts of the stories. Here is a quick summary:

Who Did it?

The Hijacker list was a total contrived fraud, besides the ATTA group which was likely a paid CIA operative group which was then executed. Were a bunch of Saudi jihadi’s behind it? Some are still alive and happy in Saudi Arabia. Was Osama behind it? He denied it on his only released video. Tim Osman – aka Osama – was a CIA operative. He might have been involved but only as part of a larger American run operation.

More likely, it was a bunch of ex-mossad Israeli “painters” and movers who set bombs inside WTC 1 and 2.  Many floors were empty and unrented. They had access to the core via the elevator areas and could plant charges for weeks.

Was it an Airplane?

No. There is NO reliable video showing an airplane.  Instead, an explosion was set up on the outside of the building to roughly resemble an airplane.  Images of an airplane were later overlayed (roughly) and then that false narrative was broadcast.  There may have been a different plan involved but it was not the cause of the explosion and did not match the hijacked planes.

Where are the hijacked planes? Were there really any?

There was at least one plane that was really hijacked the rest could have been a fraud. They could have used gas to knock out the passengers then taken them to a dark site. The plane was likely filled with insiders who were given new identities, and a few were likely killed.

What about the hole and flight 93?

Nothing resembling a plane was ever found

What about the plane serial number on parts?

none were ever found. Thats impossible.

Read more about our indepth analysis starting with the automated radar system – AKARS – which shows the flight did NOT CRASH into the towers, and 3 more articles which narrows a guess as to who exactly did this, and why.

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