Elizabeth Warren is a shrew on a stick. So how could she possibly be doing better than Kamala Harris? The answer is that Kamala is a fake person, a willie brown shagger who might give a great blow job, but doesn’t have a lot of substance. Worse, when you look at her tenure as DA in San Francisco its atrocious.

Sociopaths love politics but they always have the same problem. They aren’t quite sure how to mimic the emotions and empathy that normal people have. They spend time in the mirror and try to laugh, smile, or look concerned.  And Kamala has all those moves down pat. It’s when she opens her mouth and there’s nothing there – no content – that it all goes downhill.  Beto has the same problem, and Corey Booker – Mr I’m 1% black so I got free college – is positively Pukealicious. “Ha Attakado!” my god those eyes!

But Harris is worse. That talking through the nose that NASAL whine. ICK. Lord help us if she gets elected.


Well the Octaroon club has already gotten enough handouts and free rides from this country, they won’t be elected this century.

Bernie sanders struggles to smile, his true grumpy old man persona seems to be what’s really there:

Warren has mastered one thing Bernie, Kamala, Booker, and Beto can’t quite seem to manage – she knows how to smile.



Kamala Harris’ obviously scripted and generally bizarre performance at the September 12th debate has her major donors on the fence about her future and whether or not they can dedicate themselves to her cause alone, according to CNBC.

Her close supporters had acknowledged that if Harris didn’t “come out swinging” against her opponents and “clearly define her policies”, that wealthy donors could begin to shy away from her. Now, that’s looking like exactly what has happened.

After desiring to see Harris continue attacking her opponents, as she did against Joe Biden in the first debate, supporters and uncommitted contributors are now “not convinced” that they can support her.

Harris opened the third debate by suggesting President Trump would have been indicted if DOJ guidelines were different. “The only reason you were not indicted is because there was a memo in the Department of Justice that says a sitting president cannot be charged with a crime,” Harris said at the opening of the debate.

Of course Harris is wrong. Mueller could have listed charges he found Trump guilty of if the evidence was there and he did not. Muller at once HID BEHIND and then did not hide behind the no indighting a sitting president rule and Nutty Nadler tried to follow and push that issue but it was all a lie. This was Muellers big shocking “Correction” testimony where he says he did not reach a determination, no that the OLC guidelines prevented him from charging.