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He screams a lot about his penis, and Niggruhs. He has odd colors on his teeth and fake hair. Apparently this is the new millenial way to make a living. He goes by Tekashi but really in Japan the name would be Takeshi not Tekashi. Lest you think white rappers with mis-spelled japanese names can’t “rap” aka scream Niggruh into a microphone and whine about your penis, his song Gummo has gone Multi Platinum earning him millions. I’m in the wrong line of work.

Tekashi, aka Daniel Hernandex, is half Mexican half Puerto Rican.

“I’m white, Aight? Like a Niggruh in flight, from a sanwich I took a bite, my dick ain’t allright cause my pants are too tite at night the crills do bite”

Poof – 20 million bucks.

Read his lyrics yourself, I’m not joking:
Niggas iffy, uh, blicky got the stiffy, uh
Got the blicky, uh, drum, it hold fifty, uh
Scum Gang!
Pop these niggas like a wheelie, nigga, you a silly nigga
In the hood with them Billy niggas and them Hoover niggas
You run up and they shootin’ niggas, we ain’t hoopin’, nigga
Yo, KB, you a loser, nigga, up that Uzi, nigga
On the stoop, crills in my drawers, your girl on my phone
She wanna fuck, but keep her clothes on, I only want the jaw
Man, that’s really all I use her for, then kick her out the door
I don’t want her, you can keep the whore, she fiendin’ for some more

If Tekashi needs some ointment to remove those crills crawling around in his drawers I can recommend the clinic on Old Bay street.

He kinda look like Michael Jackson don he?

From TMZ:

Tekashi testified extensively about his hit song, “Gummo,” and how the August 2017 music video shoot introduced him to many of the Nine Trey members. For instance, he says he first met Seqo Billy and told him he wanted to do a music vid with authentic gang members. Tekashi says on the day of the shoot, he bought 3 dozen red bandannas for them to wear on camera.

He said this is when he met Shotti … who became Tekashi’s manager.
Prosecutors showed stills from the music video, and Tekashi pointed out and identified various gang members who appeared on camera. He also claimed Trippie Redd was a gang member, but from a rival Bloods sect from Nine Trey.
Tekashi testified he never had to go through an initiation to the gang, or personally shoot anyone. The gang simply wanted him to keep making hits in order to bankroll its activitiesListen to Gummo yourself, it’s the oddest case of racial confusion I’ve ever seen