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County after county, city after city, school rooms are falling to dysgenic races. From an all white classroom in the 1950s and 1960s, the new classrooms are killing fields for the few white students who are forced to act and speak like negros to fit in.

The old classrooms were centers of learning. The new ones are centers of drug dealing and gang warfare.

The 1950s disruptive blacks were banned from classrooms

This dramatic change is producing millions upon millions of imbeciles who cannot read or do math, which is not surprising as the teachers can’t pass basic english and math tests either.

Things were the same through the 60s but with the Kennedy 65 act the immigrants made their first appearance. And blacks integrated into white schools, but as a minority they were kept mostly in check by the norms of civil behavior required of students.

schoolrooms in the 1960s

Things broke down in the 1970s. Blacks were running amok and more asians were entering the USA. enough to begin disrupting schools with black on white beat downs. Schools suddenly became a very dangerous place for white children. And it only got worse from there as welfare breeding produced millions of the dumbest and most violent people.

The 1970s began the influx of blacks and asians but still in smaller numbers relative to the productive white children who were there to learn

In the 1980s the hispanic invasion began adding more dysgenic peoples to the mix, overwhelming the social norms of the Europanic children and teachers. Good teachers retired or moved onto other careers leaving mostly dumb teachers who functioned more as highly paid baby sitters.

By the year 2000 the shift was complete in many of our largest cities, majority non-white violent anti-learning populations transformed schools into holding pens just keeping ruffians off the streets and white families quickly moved away or had to pay vast sums to put their children in private schools.

A very different lower IQ classroom emerged

The new non-Europanic students were manageable until they passed 13, call it trayvon syndrome. The girls started getting pregnant and the boys descended into fist fights.

At first suspensions were given until the numbers became so one sided that blacks decried that it must be RACISM that was leading to disparate impact. Of course it wasn’t it was simply the fact that blacks were violent unteachable mongrels most of them.

So what now? Schools broken, societies breaking down, 17 year old gangs wilding before they reach prison age. What can be done?

At this point, only welfare reforms will change things. Penalize them for having babies rather than reward them with nice apartments and more cash. And rather than housing them in regular working folk apartments, create special concrete uber efficiency 200 sq foot spaces. Being poor was never meant to be as luxurious as working, that’s one thing we got massively wrong. Now the average total handout for someone on welfare is higher than the average working wage. This has to change.

Without welfare blacks will go back to being laborers or end up in jail. Homelessness will increase but also it will be a lesson well learned, if you want to eat and have a nice place you have to work for it.

Today welfare’s inherent dysgenic policies do just the opposite, we over tax our working class to pay for useless breeders, and then our productive people end up too broke to afford children. This shift cannot continue, if nothing is done within  20 years the cost of these insane policies will result in total financial collapse as the dysgenic peoples outnumber and out cost the tax base of the working peoples. We are already 1.2 trillion past the balance point in 2019. It cannot go on like this. Yet nothing is done. And worse, demothugs promise MORE handouts. With what money !

By 2050 the nation will have shifted to 60% dysgenic (non-europanic/non-east asian) races.  The costs will immediately bankrupt social security and medicare, we will become a drug and prison economy. The dollar will lose reserve status and be inflated away like Zimbabeway.  We will joing the dysgenic nations on earth with high crime and murder rates – think South Africa.  Europanics will have no where to go and the best Americans will flee leaving an even dumber population remaining. Think Rochester New York after Kodak died and Xerox left.

The new american high school – school brawls and teacher beatdowns while kids are dumb as stumps