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The stats are in, as many as 1 in 10 college females are raking in the dough working as whores through sites like seeking arrangements and sugarbabies.

Sugar baby is a nice friendly candy sounding word, but it means whore.

Some say its the high cost of college that drives women to be whores. Don’t you believe it, it is a choice they make. Probably 50% of women are whores in one way or another.

Part of it is cultural decay. The new gynocentric nation. Women see their booty as something for sale, something to work on the open market. Whether thats to get free dinners and trips from desperate guys or to slam some useless beta cuck provider into a loveless marriage. Sounds bleak.


Once women have too many sexual partners they are ruined for marriage. They will never be able to pair bond. So for them marriage becomes a divorce rape pump and dump plan, which just creates more divorced men who seek… wait for it … whores.

With the divorce rape laws being what they are, at this point all women are whores whether married or not.

sugar babies