The retail store chain that pushed a promise to women that they could remain 21 years old forever by wearing their teen style clothing is Kaputsky.

So are the women who followed the PumpNDump lifestyle well into their 30s.

Like their ad says “Short Notice” their employees won’t get much working as all Asian stores are to be shuttered.

Maybe the live like a whore into your 30s then trap a man with pregnancy and divorce rape him  lifestyle was a lie? Well the divorce rapes aren’t a lie, they’ve driven thousands of men in america to suicide.


Part of that plan, again, according to the filings, will likely involve closing as many as 350 of its more than 800 stores around the world. Most of the closures will focus on Asia and Europe: The company has earlier announced plans to shutter all 14 of its Japanese stores. Meanwhile, its operations in Mexico and Latin America will continue, according to Reuters.

This means that nearly half of the chain’s 30,000 employees could lose their jobs.

Even before the Forever 21 bankruptcy, the ~11,000 announced and completed store closures in the US were already on track to exceed to the totals from the past few years. One research shop projects annual closures in 2019 to hit 12,000 by year end.

Analysts at Goldman Sachs estimate that $7.5 billion of ‘sales opportunity’ will arise from store closures in 2019 as liquidation sales pull some demand forward.