It’s understandable that there is SOME marketing to black people, but it’s gone over the top almost every last commercial nutty lately.

Take for example, the new Nissan Altima Ad. The first thing it does is say the word POWERFUL then flashes to the black female face.

Maybe that’s a bit shocking to me, if they were so powerful why are they having so many abortions, ending up on welfare, in jail, etc.

Of course, there is an emergent Black middle class now that they have reached FOURTEEN PERCENT of our population, up from their historical 9% number. Ah feeding them with free food and endless chillin on welfare sure do boost the population doesn’t it.

So I’m sorry Nissan, I have to categorize this under WORLD GONE BLACK

It’s been a bit much. Where’s your commercial for Europanic Americans. Doesn’t exist? Why not?