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“It took me ten years to earn my first Billion, Hunter, he just shows up in China and Poof, he gets Billions!”

Trump’s rage over the rapid rise of Entrepreneur Biden seems to be without bound. He even called the Ukraine. As the Transcript shows, he’s green with jealousy

“Trump: This is Trump”


“El Trumpo. The Trumpasaurus”


“Listen, what err.. uh… Dirt do you have on Biden. Do you have something like Chyna”

“But of course”

The democrats are so enraged that Trump would dare to investigate their shakedown scams they have started impeachment hearings. No vote, just the hearings. If they actually voted to begin impeachment trials then the Republicans would have the right to cross examine. And they can’t let that happen.

Pelosi – ” Look, So Hunter got a board seat. That Isn’t illegal. So he got a few Bil from China. That’s also just an investment. So what if Hillary got 145 million for selling our Uranium and got a few hundred million for her foundation from Arab Countries. They were getting fat on their oil deals who cares if we shook a few dollars loose from the tree!”

Hunter is no where to be found, and Trump just gets greener and greener.

“If I were making deals like Hunter Biden, they’d put me in Jail, In the Jail I tell you”

Why do the Democrats get a free license for graft and shakedowns and the Republicans cant make a phone call without being arrested? Because they are pure evil. They have no misgivings about shakedowns whatsoever. It’s all just how the game is played. Like in Game of thrones Pelosi-Cersi will eventually meet her Trump-dragon Drakaris moment. Until then, game on!