Eating the babies is a start. But why not also eat the Homeless?

They are just sitting around getting fattened up and ready for slaughter. And their alcohol consumption produces the most tender fatty beef just like wagu from Japan.

“there are a lot of solutions that we have and that we can pursue” says AOC

It’s a two-fer. Cleaner streets and lower population. How can you argue?

Later we can eat the dumb people. Which are basically all the Democrats. What do they contribute? Most just are on disability for their tisims and their ass-burgers. they live on a diet rich in starbucks latte’s which gives the most wonderful coffee aromatics to the flavor of the grilled meat.  Of course, not as tender as the Wagu-homeless but still, a choice meal.

And think of the strain this will take off the cows and chickens who are being forced to reproduce. All that lifestock pea and poop just to send it over to China so they can make pork dumplings? We get the poop they get the dumplings. Well it’s contaminating our rivers and lakes just the the homeless poop is contaminating the streets of LA, San Fran, and Seattle.

And of course, all illegal aliens could also be harvested. They have a somewhat Bean-y taste which goes good with a negro modelo. There doesn’t need to be hunger in America, no one has to go hungry, we simply need to act NOW!