The cost for the dysgenic transformation of the U.S.A from a Europanic nation with 9% non-europanics to a hodge podge society with 50% non-Europanics is shuttered upon the middle class in the form of property taxes.

Property taxes essentially turn America into a communist nation. There is no private property, everything is a loan from the state. That is exactly how they do it in China.

And rising property taxes are now required to support the huge pensions for the dumb people – the teachers, the police officers, the government workers, etc – while the smart hard working people generally are told “get a 401k” ha ha ha suckers.

The extreme welfare parasitism – ghetto mommas with ten chillin getting $2000 a month and a free house – and the refugee industry funnelling billions to the “charities” for housing and resettlement, and then the welfare comes. It’s all adding to the massive taxes on the middle class.  The Trump tax break? It didn’t lower taxes. We lost the deduction for interest on mortgage and rates actually increased for the upper middle class, in exchange for a higher standard deduction. For most of the middle class it was a wash. the real benefits were of course given to the corporations.

But the low interest rates, which were caused from overspending on warfare and welfare which forces america to run at a 1 trillion dollar deficit each year – requires the low interest rates or America would be instantly bankrupt. But those same low interest rates make the 7% projected returns on the pension funds nearly impossible. Which is why the FED and FOMC pressured the largest corporations to use the corporate tax break to buy back stocks raising the markets and fluffing pension funds.

But at the municipal level, these pension costs leave them no recourse except to drive up property taxes. To a ridiculous level. And this is the doom of the middle class.

It’s a complex dance.  Many steps in between. So most people cannot understand that it is our move to a dysgenic welfare nation and prison nation of the poor genetics and high psychopathy races that all are a net drain on society, basically they overwhelm the Europanics production. 40% dysgenic was the tipping point and now we are at 50% dysgenic and running headlong into 70% dysgenic population by 2050.  This is a doomsday scenario but much too complex for the regular American to follow.

Multi-culturalism, invasion, our welfare state, all must be changed. So what to do?

FIRST, end birthright citizenship recognition. It was never legally recognized and should not be the law. Trump can change this with a EO and a bureaucratic change.

SECOND, end ALL payola and welfare for invaders, illegals, and refugees UNTIL they obtain their green cards.

THIRD, change the welfare system so that there is a FIXED RATE regardless of the number of children AND a bonus to women for not having any children.

That is not enough to save us, but it will slow down the ghetto-ization of America. And maybe as we watch Sweden fail and burn to the ground we might just wake up and restore our Europanic nation.

An even more equitable solution would be to end welfare altogether, and every American who earns under $200k would have the option to request $1000 a month. Many wouldn’t take the money.  But, and this is where the Yang Gang FAILS, is that you must then end all welfare, section 8, food stamps, money for “chillin” AND on top of that you have to stop giving disability for having an IQ which is representative of your race. We cannot give out disability payola if you are negro and have a 80 IQ because that is normal.  Also, disability payola must be based on a working income for the average of the past 10 years. If you haven’t put in 10 years, no disability. That would stop asians importing their grandmothers and mothers and immediately putting them on disability roles.

And of course, if you aren’t a citizen you get NADA.  Green card holder? NADA.  And of course that leads us to BirthRight citizenship reform, which NEVER existed as a law and NO the 14th amendment doesn’t confer it.  You must have ONE PARENT who is an American Citizen to confer citizenship on the child.

All of this has to happen all together. And much of it can be done via executive order as much of this is administrative and reflects the payola back to the states for welfare. If a state like CAli wants to bankrupt itself by handing out welfare payments to illegal invaders, so be it, but no more Obama bailouts to California like we have done in the past.