poop smells

Ta Henaseei Coates has already won ten awards and soared to #1 on the NYTimes best seller list.  Coates has received a ten million dollar advance for his empowering story of a black boy who is struggling with his smelly poop.   But after arriving in Africa he learns to embrace smelly poop. There’s poop on the street, on the beaches, and even on plates of food. After several months in Africa the water dancing boy learns that actually his poop smells just like or better than the African poop. He returns to America and takes great pride in his smelly poop and smearing it on his face, his dinner plates, and starts pooping all over the house, in the 7-11 stores, and on the American beaches.

This heart warming tale teaches us the beautiful culture of black people and how their African past is a story of overcoming and celebration.