No sooner than Trump announced the withdraw of 1000 troops from Syria, 50 from the Turkish border area, than the hammering of Trump’s decision begins.

First, Lindsey Graham came out critical of the president. Soon after Turkey began moving heavy equipment and tanks into Syria, setting up for heavy bombardment.

Oh the Kurds. How can we abandon them? They drove out ISIS in Syria. But the 15,000 ISIS fighters sit in prison, just waiting for enough chaos and they will just walk out.

“The ideology is still hanging around” or as they said in V for Vendetta “Ideas are bulletproof”

All of this is designed to embarrass Trump.  All of this is designed to keep America in endless war.


Solution? Kill all the detained fighters in the prisons, and then the kurds need to pack up and leave for Iraq. Because Syria is a war zone. And it’s ridiculous to think there is any safety there.  It’s time to get out.  The Kurds need to wise up. They cannot hold territory against Turkey.  Turkey wants them obliterated because the Kurds in turkey commit terrorist attacks against them, then flee across the border into Syria.  So it’s like Mexican rapists and murderers in America who flee back to Mexico.

The Kurds should carve out a nation for themselves, far away from Turkey.  If they stay there and cry that the US abandoned them they are foolish.