In a shocking twist a human was able to conceive a child with the Homo Africanus sub species.

Kim Kardashian who has long experimented in sexual copulations with these africanized males has finally been able to conceive a child with one.

The 32-year-old reality star said she and boyfriend Kanye West feel ‘blessed’ but wished that her late father Robert and his late mother Donda Magumbah were still around to share in their joy.

Taking to her blog on Monday, Kim wrote a message titled ‘New Year, New Beginnings’. Kardashians claim to fame as a mixed race porn star led to her success on TV as a mixed race porn star.

She wrote: “It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby. We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us.

‘Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!! Xo”

Sister Chloe has not been able to mate with africanized humans and produce offspring leading to a series of tear jerking moments. “If a tiger and a lion can produce a child why can’t she?”

It’s a problem of genetic distance. In fact, a chimpanzee and orangutan have less genetic distance than europanic and africanized humans. While different species can sometimes produce a child where science draws the line is often a subject of debate. The numerical genetic distance between an English person and a West African is 0.1487%. Compare this with an English person and an East Indian where the difference is 0.0280%. The greater the genetic distance between two individuals, the greater is the incompatibility of their alleles. Compared to white parents, stillbirths are 17% higher for white mother/black father, 37% higher for black mother/white father, and 67% higher for black mother/black father;

Using the latest in scientific reconstruction we have discovered what their child might indeed look like

But Kim can look to prior experiments by miscegenating Heidi Klum who has produced one Europanic and one Africanized offspring to get a good idea of what her progeny will look like, and also, what she has passed behind. Notice that the europanic child is full of energy loving and outgoing while the africanized child has a hollow dead stare. Black + White = Black. How long will the Europanic race survive before we have to retreat to islands to rebuild and regroup while the rest of the world descends into africanized rape and gang banging madness?

“People inherently understand the concepts involved in breeding and readily apply them not only to plants and animals, but even to their own reproductive choices. Parents, being more objective and experienced than their children, can often instantly tell when their child’s choice of a mate is a bad one. Young people, too, may have flings with enticing, but unsuitable mates, yet when it comes to settling down, the genetically-controlled traits in a mate that determine their mate’s traits and their children’s traits usually become more important. 21
The only practical way (genetic engineering would be incredibly difficult) to obtain a population with a high percentage of desirable traits and a low percentage of undesirable traits, is to isolate that population from other populations so that it becomes inbred, then select for breeding only those individuals who have the desirable traits. That is, in fact, what our ancestors have done for us and that is what we are thoughtlessly undoing by miscegenation. ” – Erectus Walks Among Us

What does the history of the world tell us? In Egypt, an advanced white race built the pyramids, mated with their nubian slaves, and got bred out of existance. In India, a white brahman class built the taj mahal, bred with the local dark people, and got bred out of existance. It’s time to put the Kardashian myth in the gutter of history where it belongs. The truth is our government has been pumping tax and vapor fed dollars into black professions like rap and sports producing very wealthy africans as a lesson to whites that blacks are high achievers. This is a lie. The Kardashian lie is that normal relations are possible in such unions. Even as Armenians and not a pure white Europanic strain, the thought that miscegenation which is racially destructive and leads to poverty, thugs, full jails, rapes, and broken burned out shell cities like Detroit is not due to simple poverty or economic opportunity but is instead genetic. It is time for us all to wake up.

Finally, the best reason not to miscegenate is simple. Many of the white women who date black men end up murdered by them as this shocking video shows the attitude of the typical black man taking advantage of a white women even days before killing her demanding a new tv and video game …