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We need to recognize that Europanics and Africans diverged over a MILLION YEARS ago, our difference is NOT skin deep. Not only in intelligence, but also in PsychoPathology (proclivity towards murder, rape, theft, and rampaging looting and burning) is clearly different among the races as well.

When someone tells you you are a “Racist” say yes my brain functions well I can recognize and clearly detail the differences in the races of Man, when they diverged, their differences in IQ and Psychopathology.  What is my ERROR. WHAT IS MY ERROR? And are you not RETARDED for not being able to do so?

Also, when they tell you we must take in Refugees from War Torn Africa, say Why? War is what African peoples do. They are in their natural state. Surely we do not want their violence and anger here.

Also, when they tell you we must take in Refugees because of drought tell them, wait a second, is there a drought, or did they fail to plan, breed endlessly, and destroy their habitat. We don’t want those inferior genetic traits here!

Blacks clearly have hugely elevated testosterone much earlier than Europanics, by the mid 30s Europanics catch up as African testosterone dwindles.  This is one reason why the African children teens and early adults are such handfuls and difficult to educate, and post a fake schooling become unable to fit into the work-a-day culture of Europanics. Just as bodybuilders who take steroids are prone to anger and fighting, the same is the case with Black males except for them it’s simply genetics, no doubt a POSITIVE trait for survival in Afrika, and a horrible trait for fitting in modern society. Interestingly enough, the college bound tend to have much lower levels of T for both Europanics and Blacks.

Now, our education system could compensate for this difference if it were allowed to recognize it (its not) and vary the education given to blacks. This has already defacto happened in inner city schools except, they threw all education away and are basically baby sitters. With on-line education and evaluation there is zero need for this. Let people learn at their own pace, take breaks to let off steam, and then return to learning. But the teachers unions cannot stop feeling their own self aggrandizement for teaching them little more than to tie their shoes.

Europanics similarly could get a education that stressed their invention and high IQ, and asians would fall somewhere in the middle. But thats RACIST. Everyone is the same. So we produce armies that cannot read upon high school graduation.

First principle, recognizing and understanding these differences is pivotal to correcting the failure of American education.


Are east asians outdistancing Europanics on IQ? Well it’s not as clear cut as the chart shows. Europanics still have a lot of dumb people to weed out, and sadly our welfare programs help them to outbreed the rest of us. That’s dysgenics.  But there is another side which is the creative / inventive side which IQ tests do not measure at all. And on this front, the Europanics are far out front which is the main reason why China will never yield to intellectual property rights, they simply are poor inventors and more easily lead as a head, whereas the Europanic has rugged individualism which leads to self sufficiency without the state involved. This is why we create Capitalist (and hopefully Libertarian) societies while asians has fallen to Monarchies (Japan until America stepped in, and Thailand until the Kings death) and Communism (China, North Korea, etc).  The south Koreans show us that given the right push they can develop capitalist societies, invent, and prosper.  But they don’t get there themselves. It’s the white mans burden, but the burden of saving the whole world has bankrupted America and led us down a frightening dysgenic path.

HISPANIC is not a race, it is a GOODY BAG of shakedowns for our government.  disgusting. And it’s on the American census as a racial category. This is horror. This is wrong. Italians and Germans have much stronger claims to being one people than Hispanics, yet THOSE are not recognized by the US government, even though both are much more rare minorities in America than Hispanics, and both groups have faced strong discrimination.  For example, 20% of the US Population is Hispanic and 14% is black, but only 9% is Italian. So why don’t Italians get minority status? Answer – BECAUSE THEY WORK FUCKING HARD.

So why do the Hispanics get all the goodies but we legislate racism AGAINST Italians and Germans? This is very wrong and evil. Our government in the USA is sick and run by the Gynocracy and oligarchs. These sick laws are created by the communists to destroy our nation and enable endless reckless breeding by the lesser races at the price of the HIGH IQ productive races. . It is disgusting.


Another mistake – They look at the genetic distance of Homini Gorrillini (Africans who never had the advantage of the Neandertal large brain genetics) and Europanics and Asians and recognize this branch occurred a million years ago. But they say it was because we left Africa at that time. No, the out of Africa theory is utterly discredited in terms of races that developed in the 500,000 – 100,000 year ago time frame. We find these remains all over the world now. African americans seem to have more  limited language and few words. Hence Rap Music – Fuck that niggah cause I’m a whore niggah, niggah niggah cap that ass niggah” – No melody, no complex time swing out of the pocket, no modal harmonics, no 9ths, diminished chords, no 13ths.  If we simply look at the music they create vs. Europanics it is so simply clear that this is a very diminished race.  There are always a few outliers in any race – Blacks have Sowell, Nina Simone, Ellington, etc. But they are quite rare. And often of mixed blood as many American negros have 25-50% Europanic admixture. This is like super charging a car.  But lets look at the deep Africans to get a sense of the reality of the race without our European genes added to the mix and you get 70 IQs and hyper-violence. And this is what they are importing into Europe today. But if you recognize that most American blacks have a strong Eurpanic admixture often as much as 50% really they should be doing much much better than they are today. The racial pandering and affirmative action basically lets them keep not trying, the few who do try often end up Oprah rich.

In Guatemala, when the spanish left Antigua, all these beautiful churches which were damaged in an earthquake in the 1700s simply were left broken and rotten. The AmerInd race had no concept to understand complex architecture. Even the simple huts they live in on dirt floors are mostly built by NGO groups for them. With concrete and Aluminum sent from America. Because they have no understanding how to mine and create metals.

In Post Colonial Africa, many of these nations have lost the ability to run even the sewage and water systems built by the Europeans for them. Now they shit on the beaches. It all falls back to mud without the Europanics.  Remember Lincoln pushed for the establishment of Liberia in Afrika and an exploratory group of Africans went over with Europanic Americans to help them build a civilization. Within a year the project had failed, Africans were starving and returning back to America. And the rest of the Africans stayed put in America, they know who butters their bread.

Zimbabwe starves and South Africa is next. The USA is broke because it is now saddled with 40% third world races.  But the births are already 51% negroid. Its a doom scenario. But recognizing that is called RACISM. So they flood the nation with Indians with fake degrees to replace our hard working engineers because they are “brown” so thats happy liberal snowflake prizes.  Destroy the Europanic MALE! is the progressive war cry, and this is of course meant to put us on a path to doom and destruction from which the Commies hope to take over. That’s WHY they are doing it, to destroy the great Europanic civilizations and evil ass-hats like Soros take their Jew won billions and push the destruction of Europanic nations. WHY? Does he believe the MYTH of the HOLOHOAX and think that ergo proper hoc all white men are guilty? No he’s far too smart for that.  The reality is that the JEW has been the little man (physically shorter even) compared to the Europanic and if it weren’t for the catholic church’s smart ban on USURY they would have remained small. But they stepped in and corrupted the money systems and bankrupted kings and nations until they amassed all the wealth. Now our entire system is USURY based and DEBT SLAVE based. The jews won because the Europanic ruler could not stop his war lust, which is a trait hopefully we have somewhat bred out of us. But we survived because we were bloodthirsty killers and madmen. Sadly we have no survival instinct against money systems that enslave us.

We  had nothing to do with India, no debts to that land. There is no reason for this except the Kalergi Plan and Communism – both Jewish constructions designed to enslave nations through racial deformity depravity and invasion.  It is sick and it is violent. Millions die because of this horror. If you are afraid of being called a Racist when speaking the truth about these horrors then you are a weak pathetic cuck of a man not worthy of having a nation at all. We must stand up and reverse this NOW.  If we don’t want so many billions growing like weeds in Africa we must stop sending in hundreds of tons of free food for them every year. It is not draught, it is GENETIC DEPRAVITY and FAILURE of this race. This assistance only grows more of them. And then they overflow and scream BOZZA (WELFARE!) as they seek a life of sitting on their ass and collecting free checks from the government. Are we really so stupid? Are we INSANE! This sickness of helping outside our race MUST END. It is a Jewish construct designed to bring in communism and enslave us. And to bankrupt us with endless welfare payments. WAKE UP. WAKE THE FUCK UP.




The typical U.S. government form—where you’re asked to fill in your ethnicity—differs depending on who issues it. But in general, the Liberal Elite’s “Races of Man” are: White, Black, Hispanic (sometimes divided into Hispanic White and Hispanic Non-White)AsianPacific Islander and Native American. Sometimes, to make things even worse, you find options such as “Native American, Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native” or simply “API”—” Asian-Pacific Islander.”

But in his soon-to-be-published book, Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, British psychologist Professor Richard Lynn sets out a huge body of data implying that US race categories are simply not fit for purpose.

A “race”, he tells us, is a breeding population separated long enough from another breeding population to have adapted to a different ecology, leading to consistent differences in average gene frequencies between the populations. This is important because, as Lynn shows, “race”, therefore, expresses itself in consistent interrelated physical and mental differences, which tend to differ in the same direction because they are adaptations to distinct environments. Thus, different races have different genetic disease profiles, different dominant blood groups, different average IQ, and different modal personalities.

I propose that the variable that explains these differences is that blacks are more psychopathic than whites. Just as racial groups differ in average IQ, they can also differ in average levels of other psychological traits, and racial differences in the tendency towards psychopathic personality would explain virtually all the differences in black and white behavior left unexplained by differences in IQ.

Psychopathic personality is a personality disorder of which the central feature is lack of a moral sense. The condition was first identified in the early nineteenth century by the British physician John Pritchard, who proposed the term “moral imbecility” for those deficient in moral sense but of normal intelligence. The term psychopathic personality was first used in 1915 by the German psychiatrist Emile Kraepelin and has been employed as a diagnostic label throughout the twentieth century. In 1941 the condition was described by Hervey Cleckley in what has become a classic book, The Mask of Sanity. He described the condition as general poverty of emotional feelings, lack of remorse or shame, superficial charm, pathological lying, egocentricity, a lack of insight, absence of nervousness, an inability to love, impulsive antisocial acts, failure to learn from experience, reckless behavior under the influence of alcohol, and a lack of long-term goals.

In 1984 the American Psychiatric Association dropped the term psychopathic personality and replaced it with “anti-social personality disorder.” This is an expression of the increasing sentimentality of the second half of the twentieth century, in which terms that had acquired negative associations were replaced by euphemisms. There are other examples. Mentally retarded children are now called “slow learners” or even “exceptional children;” aggressive children now have “externalizing behaviors;” prostitutes are “sex workers;” tramps are now “the homeless,” as if their houses were destroyed by earthquake; and people on welfare are “clients” of social workers. However, the term psychopathic personality remains useful. – Richard Lynn, Race and Psychopathology

Another recent book, J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective by Lynn’s colleague Edward Dutton, presents evidence for the minutiae of these consistent race differences: in age at menopause, in the kind of face and body found the most attractive, in preference for oral over vaginal sex, and even in ear wax composition.

These studies set out the genetic assay data which proves that there are about 10, and possibly 12, distinct races:

  1. Europeans
  2. North Africans and Arabs
  3. South Asians a.k.a. Indians
  4. Northeast Asians a.k.a. Orientals
  5. Southeast Asians
  6. Pacific Islanders
  7. Native Americans
  8. Arctic Peoples
  9. Africans
  10. Australians (“Aborigines”) and New Guineans
  11. Bushmen

The last two are sometimes being subsumed into “African” while North African, Arabs and South Asians are sometime merged into “Non-European Caucasian.” Lynn’s book demonstrates that these races differ in something as important as as average level of psychopathic personality; a condition defined by reckless behaviour, criminality, impulsivity, cheating, marital breakdown, selfishness and lack of empathy. So, simply to stay safe, it’s worth properly understanding what the actual “races of man” are. And understanding this reveals what nonsense official US race categories are.

Australian Aborigines 62 6.0
Sub-Saharan Africans 70 7.5
New Zealand Maori 84 5.9
Native Americans -USA 86 2.2
South Asians—Britain 92 1.0
Europeans 100 1.0
Northeast Asians–Britain 105 0.7


Race differences in intelligence and psychopathic personality (PP): Race differences in IQ and rates of crime (odds ratios, Europeans set at 1.0) [Richard Lynn, Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality,Washington Summit, In Press, Table 16: 2].

The silliest race categories used by the U.S. government is“Native American, Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native” and “API.”  Pacific Islanders have little genetically in common with either of these races. The genetic distance between a Pacific Islander and a Native American is about quadruple the distance between a Pacific Islander and a Southeast Asian, someone from, for example, Cambodia or Malaysia (see Table 2, below). The distance between Alaskans and Pacific Islanders is triple that which exists between Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders.

This makes sense, of course, because Pacific Islanders broke away from Southeast Asians. To put it another way, the category “API” is a bit like having a race group called European-Australian Aborigine, the difference between these races being only slightly more than that the difference between Pacific Islanders and Native Americans.

The latter, being so different, also have far higher rates of psychopathic personality.



The category “Asian” is also extremely problematic, as it encompasses Northeast Asians, Southeast Asians and South Asians; the latter often stretching to include Middle Easterners and North Africans.

South Asians—“Indians”—are a Caucasian people. The genetic distance between South Asians and Northeast Asians is more than quadruple the difference between South Asians and Europeans, this rises to sextuple when comparing South Asians and Southeast Asians. And Northeast Asians are 1.6 times more similar to the Arctic peoples (such as the Inuit and Alaskans) than they are to Southeast Asians.

In other words, the category “Asian” has zero basis in genetics. It’s only slightly more justifiable than combining Indians and Inuit into one racial category.

Unsurprisingly, the differences within the Asian category are striking. Northeast Asians have an average IQ of 105 whereas South Asians have an average IQ of about 92 when living in Western countries. South Asians are also far more psychopathic than Northeast Asians, though about the same as Europeans, which Lynn suggests to due to South Asian adaptation to very crowded environments.

But this falls apart with the API category. Not only do Pacific Islanders have higher levels of psychopathic personality than Asians or Europeans but, due to the complications of racial migrations and separations, they are more similar to Australian Aborigines than they are to South Asians.

And as Lynn explains, the category Hispanic—though it has some utility—is basically a mess.

In general, Hispanics are a cline; a mixture of two races, specifically Native Americans and Europeans. On most measures of psychopathic personality, they, unsurprisingly, fall between Europeans and Native Americans, leaving them with lower average levels of psychopathic personality than Africans. However, the category “Hispanic” often includes many who are from South America, who, in some cases, may be more genetically European that some ‘White Americans,’ who may have small amounts of Native American or African American ancestry.

Clines mean that there is a cultural element to “race.” Why are Greeks European but Western Turks not? There are always things that don’t quite into any system of categories.

But let’s be clear: from a genetic perspective, “race” exists and predicts very important things, such as psychopathic personality.

America’s official racial categories, however, predict very little…possibly because those who come up with them find it so psychologically conflicting to have to think about “race’ at all.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.