mistreatment day

They drove the Buffallo off cliffs, they raped their women, and they ate their enemies. Yes its the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. Today is their day, we celebrate them. Columbus only made it to Haiti! Tortuga. The tortoise island.

Columbus did his math wrong, so he should have fallen off the edge of the earth. Meanwhile the injuns were living like primitive animals with no concept of money, land ownership, fiat currency, or usury.

Europeans slaved away all day all their life while the Injuns just drove the buffalo over the cliff and parked there and ate more until all of it rotted, then they did it again. Most of their days were based on smokin peace pipe in the wigwams and making more children with the tantos.  So when pale face asked to “buy” the land they were quite confused.  How can you own the land or the wind, they asked.

When the injuns returned to hunt pale faces said “no this is my land , see my deed?” and they got to fightin.  Injuns took scalps. Were better fighters. Then pale faces gave them fire water to drink and soon they were all drunks and broken. Sounds like China giving us fentanyl today!

In the end we have to ask if civilization really is any better than the easy living life of those injuns.  Sure they’d fight and war against neighbors sometimes. But for the most part, they all kept to their own lands.

Meanwhile Columbus became governor of the west indies and really was a right bastard.  “Thisa pasta it’s no good, 50 lashes fora youa”

Of course he really didn’t speak like that.

The injuns had no idea of the 300 years of misery that was coming, if only they had invented Casino’s earlier, but like most inventions, it took the White man to do it first.