blacks in mexico

Thousands of Negros flown into Mexico from Somalia, Congo, Kenya and other African nations by George Soros now are making a break for it trying to get “de welfare” and the American dream of having endless babies while being a crak whore.

Sadly some of them were arrested. It’s not clear that any of them will make it to the border.

Sending them back south was an “exercise in cruelty,” Lacruz said, saying the people have come to Mexico because “they need international protection.”

About half of the people in the caravan were black, including Haitians, estimated Lacruz, who accompanied the group.

Wilner Metelus, a Mexican activist who was born in Haiti, described the government’s behavior toward Africans and their descendants as “shameful.”

“Today the Afro-descendants are alone,” he said.

One African made it clear why he risked so much “Africa has no welfare, mexico has no welfare. We need to make it to America”

“Migrants of African descent don’t represent a threat to Mexicans. Many of them are highly educated and could offer a lot to the country,” Metelus said.