A Brooklyn art studio owner is under fire for a racially-explosive Halloween window display that featured brown paper dolls that appeared to be hanging by their necks from strings.


Among the neighbors and passersby offended by the Clinton Hill decorations were administrators at nearby Public School 11, who asked the homeowner to take them down.

“This is outrageous, atrocious, didacious and racist!” said the black administrator.

Others laughed and applauded as they walked by “About time they show the jigs in their place” said Strayman Shines.


In the right window an image of the Bogeyman appeared to pop out as if to attack you.

“nothin wrong with the Bogey, he’s been with us since Africa” said Shines.

When asked if he was offended to see blacks portrayed in such a manner Shines replied “Sho Fool, you know black people don’t have red hair! Besides, this has been going on for a long time, blacks were doing the raping and whites were doing the lynching. ”

The artist has taken down the offensive art and apologized to the community.