He began as an aspiring rap  artist with promising future as a footballer. His future looked bright as he was a natural leader of man. Today we mourn the passing of Al-Baghdadi “Yo Moma” Simms whose life was cut short by a bomb in Syria as he sought refuge in Afghanistan to escape the violence.

“He always raped me with such kindness. And he allowed my father to read the Koran before he chopped his head off.” said Mumbla Muhstafari a Syrian rape slave, one of hundreds of christian women captured by ISIS and used for their pleasure.


“His sword was always super sharp. He used to tell us, you never know when you might need to behead someone, do you want to miss the first strike and be humiliated. Since his teachings I have learned the error of my dull sword ways” said Bashu, a ISIS fighter.

We caught up with a Yazidi woman who knew Baghdadi well. “He was a very logical man. At every village genocide he would begin by collecting the young boys and girls and raping them. The men would be forced to watch before he beheaded them. Then the wives were shackled and led off into the desert to be sold, of if they were lucky, to be used by the great one himself”

Truly the world has lost a rare soul who will not be easily replaced.