“This is NOT due process” – Louie Gohmert


We’ve reached a threshold of horror.

It’s Trump fault. He never arrested Hillary. There are enough violations of leaking secure classified documents to put her away for two years. And no, intent does not matter. And during that time he then could have run a fine tooth comb over the Clinton Foundation and added another 20 years by the time that goes out.

But he didn’t. He was a pussy. A weak cucked pussy. And now he is reaping what he sowed.

He got saddled with the useless Jeff Sessions who wouldn’t go after anyone. And reports that should have taken six months have been running almost two years now.

But when the Demothugs start holding secret hearings behind closed doors in the Capital and posting armed guards, it’s time for Trump to march in with 500 marines and spearheaded by 50 secret service.  “Drop your weapons” they will say. And if they don’t they will get tased. And if they raise their guns they will get shot.

Then everyone in the room should be arrested.  Charged with sedition. No I’m not kidding. Charged with attempting to stage a coup. Let them rot in prison for a few weeks while it works its way through the courts. Of course they will get out. They are the lawmakers. But surely one federal judge is tough enough to deny bail?

So that’s where it needs to go right now. But it wont. Remember, Trump is a pussy. At least Louis Gohmert is telling it like it is.