Alexander Hamilton, Consummate Fop and Dandy

Pre-Constitution Pre-Independence Era
Colonies directly printed colonial script, just simple marks on paper. They printed as much as there seemed need for. The colonies prospered, hampered only by British rules of mercantilism which forbade colonies from advancing into production of goods.

Britain forced the colonies to pay fees in British coin (gold) most notably the stamp act. This is rarely taught in schools. The real onus of the stamp act was not the small fee – 4% – a tax that would seem tiny today compared to our 90% taxation. The real issue was it forced colonialists to deal in the British gold sovereign and sterling pound money system. Essentially this was theft of the colonial script money system which had allowed the colonies to become wealthy. free money printing without usury – wealth for the nation.

England docked counterfeiting ships on the shores of America and produced colonial script at a furious rate. Later they pointed to the high inflation as “proof” that colonial script could never succeed.

America’s constitution was a fight between the Federalists and the Anti Federalists. The anti-federalists were: Patrick Henry (Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death), Samuel Adams (brewer and patriot, head of the sons of liberty), and George Mason, and Thomas Jefferson. The federalists were spearheaded by Alexander Hamilton.

John Locke’s Legacy
John Locke, an English philosopher who promoted the ideas that all men were politically equal and that they held three basic rights: life, liberty, and property; that government had no right to tax the people without their consent; and that the people should resist bad government. Sam Adams studied Locke at Harvard and took these ideas to protest the Federalists. Eventually they would become the foundation for our Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. Odd isn’t it that so much of our founding principles came from people OPPOSED to the Hamiltonian Federalists and Bankers?

Sam married Elizabeth Wells, whom he nicknamed Betsy. Shortly after their marriage, Betsy was given a slave named Surry; Sam forbade her to live in his home as a slave. He freed Surry, then allowed her to move in. Can you imagine this at the time? This was a man with a deep seated heart of liberty. He also was elected Tax Collector but often refused to take taxes from the people. It was Sam Adams who was the true author behind all our founding documents, not Jefferson:

by showing that the essence of the Declaration of Independence was contained in Samuel Adams’s pamphlet of 1772 and the Declaraton of Rights in 1774, must reflect upon whoever claims the authorship of the latter (since the sentiments are identical), unless it be conceded that Samuel Adams, as is more than probable, was largely engaged in composing the Declaration of Rights, and introduced into that paper the same principles he had advanced in 1772.

Here [in the paper of 1772] is embodied the whole philosophy of human rights, condensed from the doctrines of all time, and applied to the immediate circumstances of America. Upon this paper was based all that was written or spoken on human liberty in the Congress which declared independence; and the immortal instrument itself is, in many features, but a repetition of the principles here enunciated, and of Joseph Warren’s list of grievances, which followed the Rights of the Colonists in the report. — Wells, Life of Samuel Adams.

Sam Adams wrote:

The absolute rights of Englishmen and all freemen, in or out of civil society, are principally personal security, personal liberty, and private property.

All persons born in the British American Colonies are, by the laws of God and nature and by the common law of England, exclusive of all charters from the Crown, well entitled, and by acts of the British Parliament are declared to be entitled, to all the natural, essential, inherent, and inseparable rights, liberties, and privileges of subjects born in Great Britain or within the realm. Among those rights are the following, which no man, or body of men, consistently with their own rights as men and citizens, or members of society, can for themselves give up or take away from others.

[421] First, “The first fundamental, positive law of all common wealths or states is the establishing the legislative power. As the first fundamental natural law, also, which is to govern even the legislative power itself, is the preservation of the society.”

Secondly, The Legislative has no right to absolute, arbitrary power over the lives and fortunes of the people; nor can mortals assume a prerogative not only too high for men, but for angels, and therefore reserved for the exercise of the Deity alone.

“The Legislative cannot justly assume to itself a power to rule by extempore arbitrary decrees; but it is bound to see that justice is dispensed, and that the rights of the subjects be decided by promulgated, standing, and known laws, and authorized independent judges”; that is, independent, as far as possible, of Prince and people. “There should be one rule of justice for rich and poor, for the favorite at court, and the countryman at the plough.”

Thirdly, The supreme power cannot justly take from any man any part of his property, without his consent in person or by his representative.

Now once you understand that it was the Anti-Federalists that really were the foundation of all our principles and founding beliefs, isn’t it odd that they lost the fight with the federalists who went on to usurp their creation for their own? Slimy boot licking Toady Hamilton quickly set about setting up a central bank and lusting for power. Sam Adams remarked during the Constitutional Convention: “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” troubling words which shake us today for he spoke the truth and such corruption has now happened to America.

And who was George Mason? Do you even know of the third great Anti-Federalist? His efforts eventually succeeded in convincing the Federalists to add the first ten amendments of the Constitution. These amendments, collectively known as the Bill of Rights, were based on the earlier Virginia Declaration of Rights, which Mason had drafted in 1776.

How is it that with all the schooling you’ve been through you don’t know the role of Mason and Adams in our founding principles? How come you don’t know of the fight of the anti-federalists? Well because they were the losers, once again history was re-written and much of what they did is now hidden from the official curriculum especially anything taught in high school. We live in a thought control oligarchy and don’t forget it.

1782 Bank of North America – Hamilton Wins
Charter expired in 1802

1791 1st Bank of the US
1811 Charter expired; renewal defeated by a single vote

War of 1812

1816 2nd Bank of the US
1832 President Andrew Jackson promised to veto renewal
1835 Assassination attempt (survived)
1836 Charter expired

Lincoln prints paper money to fund the Civil War
1863 National Banking Act (20 yr charter)
1864 Linclon speaks against paper money banking
1864 Lincoln Assassinated

1881 President James Garfield opposes renewal of the National Bank Act
1881 Garfield Assassinated
1882 Bank charter renewed (“2nd Charter Period” begins)

Alexander II of Russia, known as the great liberator, set Russia on a course for greatness – “His most important achievement was the emancipation of serfs in 1861, for which he became known as Alexander the Liberator. The tsar was responsible for numerous other reforms including reorganizing the judicial system, setting up elected local judges, abolishing capital punishment, promoting local self-government through the zemstvo system, imposing universal military service, ending some of the privileges of the nobility, and promoting the universities.” – from wikipedia

Alexander II was planning on moving to a free democratic society. “One of his last ideas was to draft plans for an elected parliament, or Duma, which were completed the day before he died but not yet released to the Russian people. In a matter of 48 hours, Alexander II planned to release his plan for the duma to the Russian people. Had he lived, Russia might have followed a path to constitutional monarchy instead of the long road of oppression that defined his successor’s reign.” – from wikipedia

A gang of local jews threw three bombs at his carriage and ended Alexander the IIs reign.

1901 President McKinley opposes renewal of Nat’l Bank
1901 President McKinley assassinated

1902 President Teddy Roosevelt approves renewal (3rd Charter Period) (He is a member of a NY banking family)

1912 Taft loses election to Wilson (Roosevelt entered and split the ticket)
Dec 23 1913. Permanent Charter of Central Bank.

1917-1918 – NY Jews finance and train Bolsheviks to Assassinate Nicholas II (Alexander II’s grandson) and seize Russia

According to British historian Anthony Sutton, it was Wall Street Jewish Banker, Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb Bank, who brought Leon Trotsky – born “Lev Bronstein” – to New York in February of 1916.

Trotsky recruited Russian Jews from the immigrant population of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and trained them as armed revolutionaries.

On March 27th 1917, Schiff sent Trotsky and his group of Jewish communists off to Russia to lead a Marxist Revolution with no less than $20 million dollars in gold, today worth billions.

That same month, the Tsar was forced to abdicate…and along with his family was placed under house arrest in St Petersburg.

In August of 1917, with the Bolsheviks rising to power, the hatred of Trotsky toward the Tsar reached a fevered pitch and the Imperial Family were moved far from the sympathetic sentiments of the Russian people to Tobolsk in Siberia.

In the spring of 1918, the Tsar and his family were taken to Ekaterinburg in the Urals where the Jew Jacob Yurovsky, head of the local Cheka, was given the assignment to imprison, plan, and assassinate the Imperial Family.

Yurovsky brought the Tsar and his family to a former house of a wealthy Jewish merchant named Ipatiev, now made into a prison for his captives.

In prison for over two months, just before midnight on July 17th 1918, the Jew Yurovsky brought the Imperial Family to the basement. They were told that they were going to pose for a group picture. But, the Jewish assassins, Yurovsky, Nikulin, Yermakov, Vaganov, were waiting.

Yurovsky then pulled out his revolver and aimed it directly at the Tsar’s head and fired. Tsar Nicholas II died instantly. Next, he shot Tsarina Alexandra as she made the sign of the Cross. Olga, Tatiana, Maria, and Anastasia, were shot next.

As the room became silent there was a low groan. Alexei, the heir to the Tsardom of Russia was still alive. The Jew Yurovsky stepped up and fired two shots into the boy’s ear. All the members of the Tsar’s family were lying on the floor with many wounds in their bodies. The blood was running in streams.

1910s-1940s – Communists seize power in America and throw us into more wars and drive up debt

1930s – Hitler throws out the Bankers and establishes direct currency. People go from Starving to Prosperous. Hitler is now free to do just about anything he wants. He loses Rohm to homosexual accusations and HeB to HeB’s peace mission to England (England decides they love war and don’t want peace, so they throw HeB into solitary confinement for sixty years and don’t ever let anyone know it happened – see The Leaders of Men chapter. Hitler must be destroyed so they goad Japan into attacking “old ships” at pearl harbor while their main fleet is out of port. Anything or anyone who goes against the banks must be destroyed at any cost.

1962 President Kennedy gives “Secrecy is Repugnant” speech denouncing Federal Reserve
1963 Kennedy authorizes by executive order, Treasury backed “Silver Certificates”
November 1963 JFK Assassinated
1963 LBJ’s first act, on the plane flight to D.C., to cancel and rescind Kennedy’s order to issue silver certificates.

The first goal – expanding the war – was done immediately and our debt increased.
Ronald Regan – expanded our military funding while avoiding direct war, increasing our debt
Bush I – fought proxy war in the middle east, expanded our debt
Pax Clintonia – Clinton saw a wave of wealth and prosperity, during which he passed Nafta and Gatt and the repeal of the banking handcuffs – Glass-Stegall. Eventually these bills which people barely noticed during the Lewinsky blow job scandal would doom our entire nations prosperity. This rare period of good times might have been necessary to get such legislation through.
Bush II – The Age of Terror and Endless War begins. His war on “Terror” shifts and becomes a war on the American People themselves. Even though the evidence that 9-11 had to be done by the government itself (you cannot plant explosives in a triple secure CIA building like WTC7 without being found out), the media continues to blast propaganda that it was some arabs who did it.
Obama – Obama releases all of the wealth of America directly to the bankers (23 Trillion by one estimate) to cover their bad bets, and ignores starving middle class America who are losing their houses. The republicans change their laws illegally (even kidnapping a member of the law change team) to ensure libertarians can never again field a non-corrupt member as president. Ron Paul is defeated and Obama is easily elected against the warmonger McCain (and re-elected against company destroyer Romney). Slaves don’t reproduce or have children. S