When supreme court justice Ginsberg passes, Trump will finally have a non traitorous supreme court for the first time.

While most people worry about overturning abortion as the big issue, actually it’s not that at all.

The FIRST and most important thing Trump will pass is ending birthright citizenship, which never existed in the first place. It will of course get challenged endlessly up to the supreme court who will then for the first time rule on the issue.

You see, the illegals get drivers licenses, and then automatically get registered to vote even though they don’t legally have the right to vote. A quick database compare and PRESTO millions of extra votes for Hillary or AOC or Biden. All done via absentee ballots filled in by the bucketload by democrat staffers.

Trump TRIED to investigate voter fraud and California flat refused to turn over the ballots.

SECOND, REQUIRE copies of official ID for absentee ballots, or show them in person when you vote in person.  Again, something the demothugs viciously oppose. How can Jorge vote as Sarah Conners, Jeff Simms, and Darby Wellington if he has to get fake IDs for all of them. Another supreme court issue.

California recently legalized Ballot dumping, literally truckloads of ballots can now be brought over in a huge pickup truck and dumped at the voting polls.

Third, change the census and put the citizenship question which Barkak the sock removed , BACK ON THE CENSUS. Oh that terrifies the democrats. They might even lose California if they only counted the citizens. Suddenly they would lose many of their congresswomen. For some reason trump caved on this rather easily. Not sure why. His cuck lawyers probably told him he couldn’t do it. Crieke. Grow some balls man.

Those are the PRIMARY three things which would destroy the fake rise to power of the democrats by voter fraud and illegal aliens.

To try to stop this and it’s only months away, The dems have launched the never ending witch hunts and finally the impeachment trials. So wheres the Trump side of the investigations that have dragged on a year too long and why isn’t Hillary in jail for obvious failure to protect classified data.  Answer… trump ain’t got a pair and he needs to grow some balls fast. If he doesn’t they will throw him out of the white house. Put enough of a blemish on him that when the 2020 elections do come around their huge buckets of voter fraud have some pretence in reality.