Unfunny comedians demanding equal pay…

Comedian Ma’Nique has filed a lawsuit accusing Netflix of pay discrimination based on her race and gender.

“I had a choice to make: I could accept my gorilla face or I could demand equal pay to the greatest comedians that ever lived. I demanded equal pay”

And why should we discriminate against the gorilla faced comedians? Do they not also make us laugh?

The complaint says that Netflix offered her a “low-ball” and “discriminatory” offer of $500,000 as a “talent fee” for a one-hour stand-up special, while other comedians were offered millions of dollars per special. the complaint reads. It also lists several other comedians and what they were paid by Netflix for comparison.

“Eddie Murphy, he got like five million!  Rodney Dangerfield he got a million. So why is Ma’Nique getting the low balls? Is it because I got gorilla face? Is it? Is it!” shrieked the diva.

Or maybe its that you just aren’t funny?