People are often confused about Fascism.  Let’s start with Communism. Communism is a one party system that can never lose power in elections. Communism promotes shared not private property, and in its worst form dictates the type of labor one must perform (sending professors to grow rice).

Fascism is also a one party system that remains in power. But it still has and respects private property and the rights of business. The problem with Fascism is the only government examples – WWII era Germany and Italy – were stuck in a war cycle. We really cannot know the non-war cycle fascism.  Does Fascism lead inexorably to war? We can’t know that.  It certainly by definition doesn’t require it. The unification of ones split off peoples was a standard effort of WWII resulting from artificial country boundaries drawn at the end of WWI.

So now what do we have in the united states. Well we have a two party system but there can never be a strong 3rd party the way the system is designed. And on many points the two parties do not differ as much as one would think.  So it’s not quite one party, but its not much more than one party either.  It’s an illusion of choice to fool the people.

And what about private property in America? There is none. They tax property at huge insane rates that means you never can feel secure or really own your property. Interestingly, Neither Hitler Nor China had such property taxes. China still doesn’t! Which is why housing speculation is rampant.

Some say Hitler took the guns. Alex Jones comes to mind. But he didn’t. He believed in an armed citizenry like Switzerland.

The point is, thinking that America is somehow a saintly system better than Fascism is incorrect. We only understand Hitler’s fascist Germany from a war footing. We don’t understand nor can we predict what it could have become. But if we look at the pre-war accomplishments of Fascism it was dramatic. Starving people were fed, highways were built, economy was restored, people were happy again and things were booming. And Jews were gassed and pushed into ovens you say.  Well, maybe, maybe not. There’s not much proof for that. Worse, International Jews had declared an import ban on German Goods which would have starved Germany. Jews were seen as non-germans for good reason. The plan was to re-settle them, but the jewish leaders opposed settlement anywhere but Palestein which of course Germany had no legal jurisdiction over. So things bogged down with many Jews using the offer for resettlement in Spain.

Fascism. Hitler. Evil. Really when I look at the USA I think much of what we think is free and fair elections are now mostly faked. Ballot dumping was just made illegal. Democrats have been caught time and time again stuffing the ballot boxes with illegals who should never have been on the voting roles, they oppose voter ID and worse they refused the investigation into the 2016 votes and refused to turn over anything. What do they have to hide? Oh not much, just that they have been faking elections everywhere they get into power.

The democrats are the new communists willing to cheat and do whatever it takes to seize power and then, as a communist system will ensure they never ever lose power. this has happened to California and New York. Now they are trying (and thank goodness failing) to turn Texas commie red.

So Trumps effort to restrain illegal immigration is in effect against the commie takeover of our nation. Only idiots will be for that. Sadly, the feminine need for protectionism has led many native people into wishing for a communist police state without knowing it. And they see the embracing of all foreign peoples as motherly love for strangers. But these aren’t our tribe, they aren’t our people. This is Violent Altruisn gone amok and it will be the end of us. Subverting the masculine is directly involved in this effort.

When I look at the mess America is in, Fascism seems a lot better. Private Property, Free and Productive industry, and strong Christian values.  In the end, we might have to turn to a Fascist system to block out the communists. That would be a sad day, but preferential over the mass genocide and starvation that always follows communism. Fascism seems Patriarchial. Communism Matriarchal. Two systems in violent opposition.

All of the efforts of communists to take hold have been through arguing a false straw man placed in front of them to hide their true nature.  Anti-Masculinity. Climate Change. Pro-LGBT. Pro-Negroid. Pro-Invasion. All of these efforts are simply masks over the evils of communism. Because our society has been filled with unproductive dysgenic races, dysgenic peoples, who cannot win in fair capitalism and instead want the government to give them the upper hand. This has already happened with women being granted no-fault divorce, cushy Alimony, and enough freebies that marriage just isn’t palatable to them anymore. Sure they are emancipated, to nowhere childless and alone. It’s a system that does not produce children and in 20 years the population exhaustion will cause the welfare state to blow up. Will the taxes from the newly dysgenic peoples of the US who already need disability checks for thuh ‘chillin support the elderly retirees? Nope.

We are in a death endgame. Against the communists. And for them, villifying fascism and cowering behind democracy (which our founders never supported, we are a republic not a democracy) already they have corrupted congress by having all the illegals counted giving them too many seats in congress. And when Trump tried to get the citizenship question on the census and they pushed back he cucked out like a castrated harem guard.  When will we ever get someone with the balls to change this obviouos corrupted farce the demothugs have been playing for 20 years now?