Blacks are growing.  From 9% of the US Population to now almost 14%. Even with millions of abortions, they continue to prosper as welfare agents.  Now the great tradition of American malls is dying because these ghettos swallow up once normal neighborhoods. And every time there is a gathering of Blacks, fights and mayhem break out.  Well at least Jeff Bezos will make money this year.

Notice that they describe four three hundred pound black women beating up a 120 pound white woman as “a groups of girls are seen kicking someone on the ground”

Look here’s how it plays out. They use Shiter and FaceShit to coordinate a mob. Then they go into what is historically a white peoples space and beat the shit out of them. And then they run off and no one cares.

This happened three times at Highland mall in Austin until it finally closed.

But they are all Einsteins and Doctors, so let’s give them fake high school degrees and fake college degrees and maybe there’s enough Black Studies programs to hire them all, if there isn’t they’ll just riot at the colleges.