The culture of cheating by Indians and Chinese is rampant. A recent study found 95 % of falsified academic papers were submitted by Indian and Chinese.  And the stories of Indian doctors run rampant and burn down cities when using their textbooks during a final exam was blocked (they gave up on that after half the town burned down).  Indians lack the higher order brain structures which allow western man to do advanced science and invent. Which is why the culture of cheating and stealing is endemic in these Chinese and Indian races.  And it also underlines the huge tragedy of the H-1B visa, the five million Indian and Chinese software engineers brought into the USA to work for lower wages than Americans which resulted in them getting thrown into the streets. 95% of American engineers lost their jobs to dumb cheating scum.  That’s America Baby! Trump and Jeff Sessions promised to do something… AND DID NOTHING!
Though doctors are considered to be respectful role models of professionalism and ethics, medical students are no strangers to academic dishonesty. To assess the academic dishonesty practices among undergraduate students from private medical schools in India. A pre-tested and validated questionnaire containing 10 commonly done academic misconducts were administered and responses were collected.
Out of 166 medical students enrolled in the study, 75% have given proxy for attendance and 49% have copied from others record book. During a theory exam, 74% of students have copied from their friends, 2% have tried to get the question paper before exam and 5% have influenced their teachers by unfair means to get more marks.
During clinical/practical exam, 81% have got technical help, 45% had prior knowledge about the exam case, and 54% of them have falsely documented clinical findings. The prevalence of academic dishonesty is high. Academic integrity and ethics should be emphasized to the students which might help them in becoming professional and honest doctors.